Sunday, October 26, 2014


Pig’s Foot by Carlos Acosta
Focused on the sexual exploits of racist, sexist, and the entire field of negative –ism available with little character clarity. [Translated]

The Boleyn Deceit by Laura Anderson
Faux historical novel needed a genealogical chart since it was difficult to determine who was who, especially when titles were involved. There were no sympathetic characters.

Lookaway, Lookaway by Wilton Barnhardt
Focused on the antics of Greeks on campus. Not enough development of the characters internal life. I lost interest after a couple chapters.

Dangerously Bound by Eden Bradley
Tie them up, tie them down, lack of character development abounds!

Hollywood in Heels by Charity Gaye Finnestad
Some great bits marred by an inconsistent memoir lacking timeframe references. Personal worth defined by sex and alcohol consumption with very little self-disclosure.

Our Picnics in the Sun by Morag Joss
Story ruined by the prologue “article.” Narrative leaps around without clarification. There is some delightful prose muddled by the mundane.

The Sixteenth of June by Maya Lang
Hints of brilliance overwhelmed by meandering storyline. Author hints that this book is emulating another author’s style, which is never recommended.

Thornlost by Melanie Rawn
Author assumed that the reader had read the previous novels and did not provide enough back-story for the first-time reader. Needed map and terminology glossary, though the list of characters helpful. Continuation of a series.

Just say no...
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld Four Worms
Haunting examination of prison inmates, their victims, and how inmates are victimized. Powerful images, bittersweet, and painful descriptions. Could have used a bit more fleshing out of a few characters, but the novel is well written.

Rescue Mode by Ben Bova & Les Johnson Three and a Half Worms
Fabulous technological explanations of the perils of space travel. Good descriptions of the political process there involved. Lacked diversity of the characters in authority positions. Could have used more back-story regarding the characters before they started their journey. Ending was rather abrupt.

Cibola Burn by James S. A. Corey Three and a Half Worms
Continuation of a series. Beautifully written with the exception of the existentialism of interlude. A few logic problems but mostly solid science fiction.

Time of the Locust by Morowa Yejide Three and a Half Worms
Intimate examination of the mind, poetic imagery of a difficult story. Leaps through time and sometimes it is difficult to determine which character is being scrutinized. On the verge of a fantastic book.

Cementville by Paulette Livers Three Worms
Pearls and gems mixed in with the cement. Should of focused on two characters instead of a plethora. Final chapters were hurried.

The Anatomy Lesson by Nina Siegal Two and Half Worms
Could have been a terrific book. However, the narrative jumped around from character to character without indicating who was speaking. Time discombobulated, pun intended, it would have worked better weaving the story chronologically with a few flashbacks.

Add a book to every gift.
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Thursday, August 7, 2014


The Bees by Laline Paull Four Worms
Join the hive in the brilliant delving into the soul of an abnormal bee. Lovely visual descriptions that included physical cues, sound, smell and taste. It would be a wonderful animated movie.

The Abduction by Jonathan Holt Three and a Half Worms
Constructed very thoughtfully with good atmospheric descriptions. Heavily biased political views and graphic violence sullied the content. Continuation of a serial tale. The author used archetypal negative stereotypes of women instead of recognizing that all people hover in-between many roles.

We Are Here by Michael Marshall Three and a Half Worms
Connections are extraordinarily vague and confusing to interpret. The writing is good but the story is muddled by ambiguity. Author should also write a tone on philosophy, there are myriad intelligent insights.

While Beauty Slept by Elizabeth Blackwell Three worms
Realistic spin on a classic fairy-tale. Well done except the storyline is nearly ruined by foreshadowing. A bit repetitive, too.

The Chronicle of Secret Riven by Ronlyn Domingue Two and a Half Worms
Labyrinth of clues regarding a dreamy character. Too convoluted to follow and repetitious. The Appendix story was actually more interesting. Book is part of a series.

Buzz on a book.
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Saturday, August 2, 2014


Support local visual artists (independent business owners) by attending free art crawls/fairs, and open building/studio/gallery events in the Twin Cities MN area (St. Paul, Minneapolis, & surrounding communities). Attendees are strongly encouraged to purchase at least one piece of artwork at each event. BUY LOCAL ART and build the community's creative capital!

Join the Facebook group:

Art Mob Twin Cities MN Event Requirements:
* The Twin Cities area will be defined as Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington Counties,
* The artist must reside within the Twin Cities area,
* The event must occur within the Twin Cities area,
* The event must be free and open to the public, and
* Artwork (at least 50% by Twin Cities living artists) must be FOR SALE at the event, focused on visual arts.
* Art Mob Twin Cities MN will post events, not host events.
* Two week or more advance notice is required for posting the event. (NOTE: Include website, location, hours, and duration of the exhibit or events.)
* Individual artists, fundraisers, and non-art related businesses will not be promoted (see below), sorry.

This group will focus on the visual arts. "Visual arts" are defined as a two or three-dimensional object which can be physically transported. Medium (glass, wood, fiber, paint, et al) can incorporate sculpture, painting, weaving, carving, arts-n-crafts, large, small, and everything in-between. Artists may combine mediums and media.

Events may include art crawls, art fairs, openings, gallery activities, and any soiree where locally created artwork is for sale. We will not post closings, sorry. If you would like to post an event, send the page a MESSAGE via the Facebook group AT LEAST TWO WEEKS before the gathering. It is acceptable for a gallery/studio to host a visiting artist, but the visiting artist must be a resident within the Twin Cities area.

Non-arts related businesses will be excluded with the exception of a special art show, we will post the opening as long as the local artist's work is for sale. Otherwise, 50% or more of the merchandise for sale must be by local artists. Unfortunately, all fund-raising events for charities, individuals, and other activities will be excluded because, though worthy, they do not match our goal.

This group was created out of frustration. I was seeking a calendar of visual arts events in the Twin Cities. Many such calendars exist for other art forms but nothing comprehensive for the two and three-dimensional forms, thus Art Mob Twin Cities MN was formed. More and more artists are listing their events and our numbers are growing! We want artists to be able to have at least a middle-class life on their artwork. Plus, it would be nice to have a Minnesota Visual Arts Awards Show, perhaps call it the Visi to recognize the achievements of artists. There are award shows for other forms of art such as books, music, performance so why not Visual Arts??? I am coordinating this group as a volunteer, my civic duty, and I am not online every single day. My telephone is dumb (it doesn’t even text). Plus, I have to work and sustain existence so the page is only updated when I have the time.

NOTE: We are not able to advertise individual artists unless they are sponsoring a special event where artwork will be for sale. If they are participating in a posted larger event (such as an art crawl or open studios at a building), they should add a note on the actual event notification.

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Monday, July 28, 2014


Bored to tears
Its lax time that I fear
Nothing to see, say, do
I feel like a fool
At least I’m being paid
Not enough though, I’m afraid.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


There is a growing concern about trains and the potentially dangerous cargo that they carry. As train traffic increases, so does the risk. Not every train carries dangerous cargo, but it is better to err on the side of caution to ensure your safety. This article is a brief overview of what to do and not to do should this disaster occur (or if there is an accident with a truck carrying dangerous freight). The information is based upon what I have learned from professional emergency managers, but they are the expert and should always be consulted for specifics.

First, BE PREPARED. Prepare yourself, family, and pets for disaster. Create a disaster kit for your home, another for your auto, and a third for your office. Be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice (include the pets). Your life may depend upon it. Information at or

Second, sign up for your local Homeland Security or Emergency Management office to receive an email, phone-call, or text message for EMERGENCY ALERTS. Just search online for the information. They will notify you whenever an emergency occurs and provide some information of what to do. It is also wise to procure, program, and keep on 24/7 a weather alert radio. It will also sound during emergencies. One option is

Third, DO NOT go to photo, film, take a selfie or gawk at the derailment. You do not know what hazards may be aboard. Not all chemical leaks smell or have visual fumes. The blast zone is considered to be a minimum of six blocks but could be as far as a mile. Just stay away.

Fourth, if the train derails be on the safe side and practice the RULE OF UP. Travel UP-wind, UP-hill, UP-stream of the disaster site. Gather the pets, humans, and depart immediately. Travel at least one mile away to be safe. Follow the instructions of the first responders (law enforcement, fire fighters, ambulance). However, if it is early in the response, they may be accessing the situation. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry. If anything, it is a good drill to practice evacuation.

Note: The only exception for evacuation are some types of chemical spills/leaks. The first responders may request that you stay at home and move everyone to the top floor or close windows/doors until the chemical disperses. Every situation is unique so listen to the first responders, they are specifically trained in this matter.

Finally, BE INFORMED. FEMA and Department of Homeland Security have a lot of information available. You can research and learn a lot from their sites and participate in free on-line training. Your local Emergency Management office or Red Cross may be able to come to your location and teach a class, just contact them for details. or

Be a survivor, not a statistic.
Stay safe!
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Friday, July 18, 2014


Every day the oil industry sends millions of gallons of highly flammable crude oil through cities and towns across North America. Our rail system was never built for this dangerous cargo.

It’s time to take action! Sign the petition: Tell the President and Congress to stop the threat of oil train disasters today! Thank you to Oil Train Blast Zone for compiling this information.

PETITION (from Oil Train Blast Zone)
To: US President Obama and Congress

It seems each month another town is facing a terrifying oil train derailment, poisoned drinking water, or a deadly explosion. Our rail system takes these trains through population centers by schools and homes. Safety standards are weak and our emergency responders are not equipped for accidents.

We are not prepared for this threat:

Oil trains are more than a mile-long with 100+ cars, concentrating the risk of an accident that could ignite the three million gallons of crude on a single train.
Oil train traffic has increased more than 4,000 percent in the last five years.
Rail routes run right through major urban areas and cross water supplies. The US rail system was not designed to transport dangerous crude oil.
Dangerous DOT-111 cars, which make up the majority of US oil tanker trains, have serious flaws that make them highly prone to puncture during a derailment.

We have the solution:

The first step: Ban unsafe oil tanker cars.
We must prepare and equip emergency responders and reroute trains around population centers and away from water supplies.
New rail safety rules must be strong and must give citizens the information they need to protect themselves and the power to say no.

We do not need the extreme oil transported by these trains. The crude oil carried by train is more explosive and more toxic than conventional crude oil; it is also more carbon intensive. At a time when our oil use is decreasing and the threat of climate disruption is growing, the risk from oil trains is unacceptable.


Please go to their website to sign.
Thanks, Ima
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Sunday, July 13, 2014


Booty ogling
Too tight speedos
Too small bikinis
Hot summer’s day
Fools go to the pool to display.

Mmmm, Butter o'Tan
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I am so exhausted. I don’t have the time or energy to volunteer anywhere now. I have to be selfish to survive. I can’t focus externally because my internal is too tense and I am the proverbial “stretched too thin.” I have to work two jobs, care for two cats, and maintain a home. I have too much fear. Fear that if I share anything else, I will cease to function.

I felt terrible informing my volunteer position(s) supervisors that I have to take a hiatus. Thankfully, they understand. I feel rather sad, though, because I wanted to help during the summer floods and presidential visit. I am compelled to aid others but I am the one needing assistance now. I am desperate for a better paying job. I have been in this terrible situation for five long years and several months. I am so over it. I wasn’t materialistic before so I don’t know why I have had to endure this experience.

Due to my lack of time and mental fuel, I have been blogging less. I don’t know if I should persist. If you think that I should continue, please leave a comment. More importantly, urge your friends, family, and others to become regular readers. Without an audience, this blog is worthless.

Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Fuzzy vulture
Circles around
Big soft eyes
Minor tilt of the head
Subtle sigh
“For me?” she inquires
Alas, I succumb to her desire.

Silly kitty!
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