Tuesday, April 26, 2011



1. The entire process must be easy and quick for the job seeker.
2. Don’t discriminate against people who are not currently working. They are ready to work right now and unemployment should not be a factor.
3. Create a shortcut from the main website page to the career, employment, human resources, hiring, or personnel management page. Make it easy to find, don’t bury the link in a sub-category.
4. On the HR page either have a list of the positions or a direct link to job listings. Don’t make candidates click six times to get to the list of openings. Some job-posting HRIS-engines are better than others. (ie Taleo is profoundly cumbersome).
5. Don’t have a lot of bells and whistles on the site. Assume that all seekers are using slow dial-up for their Internet connection.
6. Let candidates conduct a search before logging in. They should not have to fill out an application if they don’t apply for any positions.
7. Only have a booth at a Career Fair if you intend to hire. Actually use the resumes collected to consider for current and future open positions.
8. Take job openings off the Internet immediately when they are filled. Otherwise, the posting will float around in cyberspace for infinity and you’ll keep receiving applications. Myriad job search engines have an annoying feature of listing filled jobs or relisting the same position repetitively.
9. Linked In postings are nifty when the candidate can submit an application from their Linked In profile. It is quick and easy! More jobs should be posted on Linked In. Plus, it would be helpful if LI would have an advanced search option to include full-time vs. part-time positions. Most candidates don’t have the funds to pay for extra options.
10. Unpaid work, internships and volunteering is work. Consider it to be the same as a regular paid position. Just prorate according to the hours per week or project.

1. Only ask for a resume and up to ten supplemental questions for the first round. Weed out candidates and request more details in the next phase. Don’t rely on a computer system to check all the applications, you are losing out on some terrific candidates who may have a resume without the correct keywords.
2. If you really don’t care about a cover letter, state that none is needed.
3. Don’t assume that the job seeker has an hour to complete an entire application. Candidates don’t want to fill out a 5+ year job history for a position if they won’t even get an interview.
4. Don’t ask candidates to download an application, fill it out and then return it in an email. Too many steps. Any added complications will increase errors
5. It is shocking that some applications ask the year of high school or college graduation; it is on the verge of an illegal age question.
6. Never ask for a social security number or birth date until it is clear that the candidate will be offered the job.
7. Don’t ask what wage the candidate earned at a previous job. That is private information. It isn’t relevant to the open position if the candidate is okay with the range that you offer. Include the wage range in the recruitment materials/job description. Let the candidate negotiate.

1. Please call the candidate. Don’t just send an email or text message. Pick up the phone and speak with the potential employee.
2. Plan the interview a week in advance. Candidates are busy. They probably would not be able to come in for an interview later today or even tomorrow. They need at least a couple days notice or a week to make certain that they can fit it into their schedule and prepare.
3. Please email an updated job description in advance of the meeting. Your website may have an abbreviated version so its helpful for the candidate to have more information.
4. Let the candidate know if they will be meeting with one or more people and their names and titles.
5. Please email the candidate directions to the office and a phone number of someone to contact if they are delayed. Provide free parking.
6. Phone interviews are fine but they should also be scheduled in advance. Candidates need a chance to prepare. Send an email of the people the candidate will be talking with so that the candidate can send a proper thank you note.

1. Most receptionists are nice and it is great when they offer water, coffee or tea. Make sure the receptionist knows that the candidate is coming.
2. Schedule a room for the meeting. The candidate may not be comfortable talking in a public space like a reception area. Meeting the candidate at a coffee shop is fine, but choose a quiet but not library-esq location.
3. Give the candidate the business card of everyone in the interview. Candidates want to send thank you notes and it’s easier if that information is procured immediately.
4. Please be mentally present at the meeting, the candidate are there to meet with you. It is rude if you are distracted and not really wanting to meet with the potential employee.
5. If the candidate is a finalist, please show the office workspace. It may help the potential employee decide to work there or not.
6. College transcripts are reasonable but wait until the interview. It is intrusive to share the classes the candidate took and a few bad grades received during their silly early 20s. It only matters that the candidate graduated.
7. Make certain that this job is really open. Don’t conduct interviews and then “cancel” the opening after meeting with candidates. Why, oh, Why?
8. If you already have a viable internal candidate, don’t bother to interview outsiders. It’s a waste of our time.
9. Two or three interviewing rounds are acceptable. More than three rounds is ridiculous.
10. Unless the job involves a lot of physical activity, the weight of the candidate should not be a factor. Technically, "size" is not a protected class but it ought to be since discrimination can occur during the hiring process. It is important to open to every type of diversity.

1. Background checks are a necessity for many positions. References are supposed to vouch for the candidate. However, when doing an Internet search, take the postings with the proverbial “grain of salt.” Inaccurate information may be posted on the web or very old information. Don’t just discount the candidate but talk with them about it. Perhaps the posting was something beyond their control or something that they regret.
2. Please send each candidate a real rejection letter. Emails are inappropriate if the candidate spent time and energy to come to your office for a meeting. Don’t make the potential candidate call you to learn their fate.
3. If the interviewee was truly a good candidate but not a match for this specific position, please keep their information in an active file. Let them know of other openings. They may not have time to keep monitoring your website.

The statistics show that in a few years when the Baby Boomers start to retire en masse, there will be a lack of skilled workers. HR folks need to be aware that if they piss off candidates now, the job seeker will not return to explore the company in the future. People have a long memory and they talk to their friends, write blogs, post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, et al. Unfortunately, people tend to remember bad news more easily than good news. Hiring is related to marketing. A friend of mine was treated rudely and he turned down a job offer as a result. Our entire group has been boycotting that business for over five years. They have lost many customers over one bad encounter with an interviewee. HR folks shouldn’t burn bridges…

I am speaking from experience after conducting several job searches and interviewing hundreds of people. The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), International Personnel Management Association (IPMA), World Federation of Personnel Management Associations, and Human Resources Management International Digest have a lot of great contacts.

KISHR (Keep It Simple, Human Resources!)
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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Alas, she is ending her talk show soon. I am bummed that I never attended a taping. Whenever I was in Chicago, either all the tickets were gone or the show wasn’t being filmed. Heavy sigh. During the first few years she would take questions from the audience and I loved it. Sometimes an audience member would be insightful or just plain silly.

As for celebrities, none are my kith, kin nor neighbors. They are just like everyone else and unless they have something inspirational to share, I just don’t care. Tom Shadyac was a good guest on April 20th but not everyone will have access to his movie. I hope he writes a book which will be widely distributed.

What are the multitudes to do with that extra hour each day? Perhaps they will dedicate at least an hour each week to service aka volunteering (five hours would be great but at least one hour is a start). Hopefully, Ms. Winfrey will continue to urge folks to help on an ongoing manner in their community. It they don’t have time, they should donate money or stuff.

I’ll miss Oprah, especially since I can’t afford cable/satellite to watch her network. I am certain that she and her employees will do well in their new endeavors. Best wishes to them all.

Dreading Oprah Show-withdrawal.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Notice forwarded:
The National Language Service Corps (NLSC) has received an inquiry from a federal agency for Japanese speakers with a background in mental health. If you are a mental health professional with Japanese language skills, we would like to hear from you as soon as possible. Please visit our website at http://www.nlscorps.org to apply for free Membership with the NLSC. When you apply, be sure to upload a resume summarizing your professional and education experience in the mental health field as well as your availability. Alternatively, if you know someone who meets these language and professional criteria and would like to recommend him or her to the NLSC, please let us know. Applicants must meet the NLSC membership criteria in order to be considered for assignments.

NLSC Membership requirements:
• You must be a U.S. citizen
• You must be at least 18 years old
• If you are a male, you must have registered for Selective Service

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail recruiting at recruiting@nlscorps.org.

Help survivors of the quake and ongoing nuclear event!
(c) 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011


Imagine Cindy Lauper singing the song, This Gal Just Wants to Wo-ork... Applying for unemployment is an embarrassing experience. You have to fill out a form and have the information verified by your former employer. The former employer can cause problems and get you denied, which has occurred to friends of mine. Unfortunately, I have had to utilize unemployment several times since graduating from college. I fall into the statistic that if a person is laid off or fired once, it will probably occur again. Poor employment choices and my own fault/social skills are a bad combination.

It is a lot faster now to use the computer system to answer the weekly questions in Minnesota. In the past I had to use the phone-in system and that took a lot longer each week. I just hate using a dial-up Internet connection, it is so blasted slow. These are the questions that I have to answer every single week or else I don’t get my check. My responses are capitalized behind the question.

***** WEEKLY REPORT *****
Please answer the following questions carefully for the week of Sunday through Saturday.
1. Did you work or have a paid holiday during the reporting period listed above? This includes Full Time, Part Time , Temporary Work , Self Employment or Volunteer Work. NO
2. For this reporting period, did you or will you receive or apply for income, from any other source, that you have not previously reported to us? NO
3. During the above period:
a) Did you refuse an offer of employment? NO
b) Did you quit a job that you have not previously reported to us? NO
c) Were you discharged from a job that you have not previously reported to us? NO
4. During the above period:
a) Were you available for work? (This includes being medically able to work.) YES
b) Did you look for work? YES
***** END *****

Of course I continue to seek a job. I’ve applied for almost 200 jobs since last July and participated in five interviews, to no avail. In the past the ratio was 1 interview for every 10 applications sent so this is abysmal. I spend so many boring hours on line that I want to scream. I do not sit around watching tv and eating bon-bons! Dial up is cheaper but wearing on one’s soul after exposure to a fast Internet connection. It bloody well takes so long to fill out on-line questionnaires or download information. I hate websites with lots of bells and whistles. Just the basics are necessary.

Federal applications are some of the worst. They are complicated and take an hour or more to apply for one position. All federal jobs and positions with the state should have one basic application that requires less than ten supplemental questions for initial screening. If I make it through the first screening, I am happy to send in more information. That is the way for any job. Some corporate entities are horrid too. Don’t they realize that job seekers don’t have an hour to complete their application; we just want to click-click and be done.

Don’t waste my time!
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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Destiny, kismet, pre-determined by a “Source” or whatever you call the activities of one’s life that seem to be decided upon by an outside entity. I wonder if fate exists or not. If fate does occur, then there is an intelligent being(s); we don’t know if the being is singular or plural, but it makes choices for each person. If they make some choices, why not make them all? Perhaps they are just messing with us. We are silly creatures who are funny to watch, like giving a dog peanut butter on its paw. The dog loves the treat but it takes a lot of licking to clean their fur and mouth.

Perhaps the activities of our lives are a hybrid. The supreme being(s) select options but we have to make the choice and live with the consequences. Maybe they did reside on our watery planet at some time (Hera-Zeus, Thor, and others around the world) but grew bored and departed. Maybe they died. I am sure that if they were nearby now they would make themselves known. The “god/goddess” stories sound like they liked attention. Perhaps a stronger “source power” thought that they were mucking up the human population and took them away.

If so-called supreme beings never existed, then humans constructed the myth of fate. It gives us comfort when life seems out of control. We can blame or bless some other entity for the day to day results. Miracles and luck are a part of fate. Otherwise, we have to take responsibility for every element of our life – the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. That can be overwhelming and frightening at times.

I have experienced some things in my life that cannot be easily explained. Strange coincidences, synchronicities, and cascading challenges but I don’t know. No one knows. It may be a mystery forever. The idea of fate is fodder for religious exploration, philosophical debate and existentialism. What do you believe?

Fate or Personal Determinism?
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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Five worms is the highest rating but rarely attained.
View previous reviews posted on February 17, 2011 and September 14, 2010.

Pirate Queen four worms by Barbara Sjoholm. Focuses on her personal journey but has some interesting historical information regarding female pirates and fishing captains in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. Perhaps she will write another book about female mariners in the Pacific region.
The Stone Gods three and a half worms by Jeanette Winterson. The first half is a great scifi novel but the second half of the book is comprised of two short stories, which doesn’t mix very well. It would have been better to expand upon the science fiction story and published the other two separately.
Stalking Susan three worms by Julie Kramer. Interesting to read a novel which takes place in the community where I reside. Rather obvious who the killer is but entertaining.
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit three worms by Jeannette Winterson. Slow start to the story but it picks up midway. There are some fabulous lines and paragraphs in the second half of the book.
Wicked Appetite two and a half worms by Janet Evanovich. Quick reading, a mystery adventure romance novel. Obviously, the first of a series focused on the seven “deadly” sins.
Metro Girl; and, Motor Mouth two worms by Janet Evanovich. Mystery adventure romance genre should have focused on Rosie who is by far the most interesting character. I wonder if the author receives incentive to promote specific products in her books. They just seem so obvious.
The Wilding two worms by Benjamin Percy. Didn’t tie up all the loose ends at conclusion, I presume that he will write a sequel. An interest in hunting (deer and bear) is advisable for the reader.
Troublemaker by Janet and Alex Evanovich. Graphic novel, which did not conclude the story line. Unfortunately, the Rosie character wasn’t given much time even though this was written after the first two books in the series.

I’ve read or watched on tv a lot of interviews with writers. The best writers strive to increase their knowledge about the subject and characters in their novel. They do extensive research, sometimes travel, and meet with myriad people. I have heard many female authors state how they interview men to learn more about male characters. I have never heard a male writer mention talking to women to be able to write about female characters. Perhaps that is why the majority of male writers are deplorable regarding their development of female characters. Sad but true.

We are human, capable of all actions; it just depends upon what we choose to do.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Tuesday, April 5th
Appalled that Terry Jones a Gainesville, Florida pastor burned a Qur’an on March 20th. What an act of cowardice. If he were truly bold he would actually read what he disrespectfully incinerated and meet with local Islamic leaders. Perhaps he could find common ground since Islam, Judaism and Christianity share the same roots. His arrogance and stupidity has caused riots in Afghanistan and elsewhere. I am angry when people insult my faith but violence will never solve any problem.

As I stated in my posting of September 8th, 2010, expand your knowledge and read holy books of other faiths. I have read several and continue to explore by attending services. Gaining knowledge solidifies my belief system and I find that there are many similarities between religions. If you look at the content some of the stories, they are almost identical just the names, genders and places are different. Myriad rituals are nearly the same too since we all originate from the same tribe eons ago. Remember, no one religion is superior any other including agnosticism and atheism. Period. End of discussion.

Wednesday, April 6th
I hate looking for a map on the internet! Half the time the location is wrong and it takes forever to download the image. I tried to locate an address via Googlemaps and it would not take me to a plain old map it stayed with the photo “earth” image. How frustrating! I have an interview tomorrow and want to make certain that I am going to the correct location. The written directions are always wrong on Mapquest. If they can’t do it right, why do it at all???

A couple summers ago I was out watering the lawn at 6am when an odd van with something that looked like glassed in gun-turrets drove slowly by me. I was concerned enough to write down its license plate and call the cops. The switchboard person said that the vehicle had a permit to take photos. I didn’t think anything of it until a couple months later my neighbor told me to look for my photo on the Internet. I was not happy with the results posted on Googlemaps-earth. I had to hound them for nearly a year to remove my image. I’ve been stalked and threatened in the past so I’ve very protective out of necessity. That is why I use the moniker “Ima B. Musing.” I’m real but I just use a different name on-line to keep the creeps away. I have a Twitter and Facebook account, too! Please join me at all three.

Let's be Facebook Friends and Twitter Buddies!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Saturday, April 2nd
Changed out the litter for the cats. Two boxes of grossness. I cover the box with a plastic bag, place newspaper at the bottom and dump litter on top. I pour in about six cups of regular clay litter and then add about four cups of the clumping litter to each end of the box. I do this since the cats seem to pee in the corner and the clumping litter makes it easier to remove. I scoop the poop and pee clumps a couple times a week and add extra litter mid-way through the month. The cats are okay with this arrangement. Someday, I’d like to train them to use the toilet.

During the 35W Bridge Collapse response I was neglectful in changing the boxes because I was volunteering for 14-16 hours each day. I’d come home take a shower and go to bed. Poor cats. Momo pooped on the basement floor in protest but at least she peed in the drain. When I finally did get time to change the hideous boxes, Zozo started purring and rubbing against my legs because she was so happy.

Sunday, April 3rd
Monthly menstruation cycle began today. Quadruple ugh. Pain, mess, smell and low energy. I have been experiencing this discomfort since the age of nine. Not that I am seeking menopause but periods are unnecessary. I can get pregnant but can’t carry a child to full term due to a problem with my uterus. All I want to do is sleep.

Monday, April 4th
I was watching an interview with Chris Rock on ABCs Good Morning America a little after 8:30am today. He was talking about Charlie Sheen and the local channel 5 KSTP did a quick cut away to a man saying “Psycho” with an opera icon in the corner of the frame. What the heck was that? If someone purposely did it at ABC or KSTP, they should be reprimanded. Very unprofessional to say the least.

Yes, Mr. Sheen is obviously experiencing an Axis III psychotic break (mania and paranoia) but he should not be mocked. He is an ill person. Would you mock someone having a diabetic seizure? No. Whoever is responsible for it needs to apologize and educate themselves about mental illness. The National Alliance on Mental Illness has fact-based information at www.nami.org and there are many great local chapters. Minnesota has an exceptional chapter at www.namihelps.org with educational seminars and monthly meetings.

Quarter of the population has experienced mental illness.
© 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011


Wednesday, March 30th
Disappointed to receive a “we are not filling the position” letter from the interview last week. The rejection letter also said to keep in touch so perhaps they liked me. It’s hard to tell if I am the only person who was encouraged or if that is standard protocol. Looking for a job is so disconcerting. I have sent out about 175 resumes and only had four in person interviews.

Growing concern about the nuclear issues in Japan. The company who owns the plant has not been honest about the facts. They are probably trying to “save face” but it’s too late for that and their actions are endangering people’s lives and livelihood. They need to be truthful with the government of Japan and bring in as much help as possible. The alternative could harm people and the environment for generations.

I admire the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant workers who have placed themselves in harm’s way to keep the situation from getting worse. My biggest praise is for the Tokyo and other firefighters who have journeyed outside their jurisdiction to help. Radiation poisoning is a horrid way to die. A paper mask will do little since you need a full respirator to make certain that the particles aren’t inhaled or ingested.

There are different types of radiation particles and the only way to be safe is time (don’t be there for very long), distance (get away from the source) and shielding (lead is a good barrier). I don’t know the exact type of particles that are radiating out so it’s best just to stay away. I don’t think that we’ll get much drift in the US but we are all citizens of this little watery planet. We haven’t found another place to live so we’d better treat it better than we have during the past couple hundred years.

Thursday, March 31st
Visited the food shelf. My cupboards are nearly bare and I don’t have funds to go out and purchase food. Fare For All is a great way to purchase food at an affordable price. www.emergencyfoodshelf.org Someday I’ll be able to be to donate again to Second Harvest Heartland. www.2harvest.org it is a wonderful organization. I need to lose weight but starvation is not a viable option.

April Fools Day
No one to fool with since the cats don’t understand humor. Sad to hear that Porky’s on University Avenue in St. Paul is closing. It is a fun greasy drive in. The food is tasty and lots of folks with fancy hotrods like to bring in their vehicle. Construction for the Central Corridor light rail line really limits traffic. Light rail will be great when it’s completed but hellish for the next two years. Perhaps they could set up a no-cost shuttle with stops to get people to and from businesses during constructon since parking is so limited.

The official unemployment numbers are down, which is terrific for all the people who were hired. Cloudy day. Struggling to stay optimistic. I will dutifully do a job search today and hope to find at least five positions that might be a fit. I suppose it is a waste of time to apply for jobs that I am overqualified for but I’m not as selective as I was six months ago. I need the basics of enough money, health benefits, and a positive environment.

I’m no fool.
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