Friday, March 29, 2013


$20,000 is what the State of Minnesota requires for auto insurance companies to cover for health related costs for each accident. I was rear-ended and immediately felt some whiplash pain. I visited a chiropractor the next day and have seen her thrice per week ever since the injury. I procured some medication for the pain, got x-rayed, and visited a message therapist once per week. After one month, I was finally feeling better.

Well, my auto insurance company is objected to my aggressive treatment. They refuse to pay the bills, some of which I paid out of my pocket, until I receive an Independent Medical Exam (IME). They will pay for a medical doctor to conduct the IME and because they are paying for the exam, the doctor has incentive to rule in their favor. I will probably be informed that I don’t qualify for any more treatment. I spoke with a lawyer and he said that IME’s only rule in favor of the patient about 30% of the time. I could hire him to appeal a negative ruling but it would cost money.

I have to choose between health and money. I fear being stuck with the medical bill and pain. I cannot afford any charges. The accident has already cost a lot of time but money is a bigger concern right now. I cancelled all the future messages and a meeting with a neurologist. The chiropractor said that she would “eat” to cost if the insurance company refused to pay the bill. Lily is an independent practitioner so she is being very magnanimous. I will barter my skills to pay for services because I wouldn’t feel comfortable having her lose funds. Sadly, the massage was just as helpful as acupuncture. I don't have health care insurance to cover any of the bills.

The lawyer stated that Travelers and State Farm are more supportive of their clients. I shall switch to one of those companies as soon as my health issues are resolved. I refuse to stay with a company that does not honor its pledge to customers. Meanwhile, I am really scared about the exam. At the very least, they should pay for all the bills to the point of the exam.

Insurance Companies = Mafia
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Please read first segments, posted on December 7th, 2012 and January 31st, 2013. Teas are not listed in any specific order. To procure visit and tell them that you saw the review here! Mrs. Kelly’s Tea is a local Twin Cities business.

Fujian Woo Yee Oolong Flavorful, complex and earthy RECOMMENDED

Shou Mei White is subtle, oaky with a slight bitterness. Add a little sweetener and milk and its wonderful

Iron Goddess Oolong Multi-layered with a slight rice flavor. Very even notes, as the flavor does not rise or fall. No nasty aftertaste

Houjicha Green is tasty with a hint of rice

Jasmine Special Grade Green is bitter, yuck

Cherry Almond Vanilla White has visible almonds with a slight mellow cherry hue. Nice to crunch on the nuts after the tea has brewed

Peach Oolong Peach aroma with green undertones

Frambois Fleur Green has a pleasant essence

Chocolate Peppermint is disappointing, neither flavor is very strong

Moroccan Mint has just enough mint to cover the green leaf flavor

One more batch to test, look for the final part IV of the review at a later date.

Tea for two?
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Saturday, March 23, 2013


The past several years have been an extremely difficult period in my life. My terrible journey was published on March 12th. As you know, I deal with low-grade anxiety every day. The anxiety makes me fret. Worry interrupts my concentration, causes nervous eating, insomnia, and low self-esteem. The worst-case scenario leads to panic attack, nausea, and irritable bowel syndrome, yuck.

I have learned how to keep most of the symptoms of anxiety at bay by employing organization to reduce stress. Accomplishing a task or two each day improves my mood. I like to be occupied but not too busy. I need some quiet time to recharge myself. I can become overwhelmed by too much of anything such as noise, smells, vibrations, or visual stimulation. Bright sunshine or intense lights can cause me discomfort. Despite having a high IQ (which is situational), I fall slightly into the autistic spectrum with a touch of Aspburgers just to make life interesting.

During that horrible week I was besieged by all my problems. My anxiety peaked along with physical pain from the auto accident. The combination sent me spinning towards depression. Depression plus anxiety is pure hell. You feel anxious about being miserable and too down in the dumps to reduce the angst that causes the blues. It’s a horrid situation. Thankfully, I realized it after I wrote the blog entry and was able to pull myself away from the pit of despair.

I am feeling much better now. No, my challenges have not vanished but I refuse to permit them to vex me. The only thing that I can control is my reaction. I choose not to fall into that sink-hole again. Each day is a battle but I shall survive. I sought out friends to share my woes. They offered sympathy and well wishes. I have to concentrate on the people who do like me and forget about those who are ambivalent or negative (my family).

If you are ever feeling sad or negative, seek help. You deserve to be happy and positive. I met with a kind counselor on a regular basis and developed methods to cope with the emotional roller coaster of life. There are many free or low cost mental health resources available, just research them in your community. Find an experienced, licensed, and professional therapist and explore behavioral methods to thwart the agony. Don’t worry; be happy or at least neutral.

Zozo’s breathing is still a concern. I'll write more about that at another time.

Keep on Truckin’.
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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA will be established to contribute to truth, healing and reconciliation between Native American Indian Nations and the United States of America.

Please join our Facebook page, search for "Petition to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA"

* * * * * PROPOSAL DRAFT * * * * *
The following mandate proposal is adapted from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. The terminology of “Native American” will be used in reference to all Indigenous Aboriginal Native American Indian Nations and Native Alaskans, enrolled and un-enrolled descendents as well as indigenous peoples of United States of America (USA) Territories who were affected by the Indian Residential Boarding School system. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the United States of America will be referred to as the “Commission.”

There is an emerging and compelling desire to put the events of the past behind us so that we can work towards a stronger and healthier future. The truth telling and reconciliation process as part of an overall holistic and comprehensive response to the Indian Residential Boarding School legacy is a sincere indication and acknowledgement of the injustices and harms experienced by Native American people and the need for continued healing. This is a profound commitment to establishing new relationships embedded in mutual recognition and respect that will forge a brighter future. The truth of our common experiences will help set our spirits free and pave the way to reconciliation.

Through the Agreement*, the Parties* have agreed that an historic Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the United States of America (USA) will be established to contribute to truth, healing and reconciliation.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA will build upon the principles are as follows: accessible; victim-centered; confidentiality (if required by the former student); do no harm; health and safety of participants; representative; public/transparent; accountable; open and honorable process; comprehensive; inclusive, educational, holistic, just and fair; respectful; voluntary; flexible; and forward looking in terms of rebuilding and renewing relationships and the relationship between Native American and non-Native Americans.

Reconciliation is an ongoing individual and collective process, and will require commitment from all those affected including former Indian Residential Boarding School (IRBS) students, their families, communities, faith-based entities, former school employees, government, and the people of the United States of America. Reconciliation may occur between any of the above groups.

GOALS (Draft)
The goals of the Commission shall be to:

(a) Acknowledge the Indian Residential Boarding School experiences, impacts and consequences;

(b) Provide a holistic, culturally appropriate and safe setting for former students, their families and communities as they come forward to the Commission;

(c) Witness, support, promote and facilitate truth and reconciliation events at both the national and community levels;

(d) Promote awareness and public education of all Americans about the IRBS system and its impacts;

(e) Identify sources and create as complete an historical record as possible of the IRBS system and legacy. The record shall be preserved and made accessible to the public for future study and use;

(f) Produce and submit to the Parties of the Agreement* a report including recommendations* to the Government of the United States of America concerning the IRBS system and experience including: the history, purpose, operation and supervision of the IRBS system, the effect and consequences of IRBS (including systemic harms, intergenerational consequences and the impact on human dignity) and the ongoing legacy of the residential boarding schools; and,

(g) Support commemoration of former Indian Residential Boarding School students and their families in accordance with the Commemoration Policy Directive.*

* = to be determined

* * * * * END OF DRAFT * * * * *

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, more information at their inspirational website:

The state of Maine leads the way in the United States:

Healing Lodge Flag is available at:
Flag is copyrighted by the © Manataka American Indian Council. All rights reserved.

Personal Note:
I seek to promote the establishment of the Commission. It will be a long, complicated, and difficult task. I hope that a nonprofit organization will take leadership of the effort.

Peace to All My Relations
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Due to the complexities of correlating information from 565 federally recognized tribes in 35 states in the Unites States of America, it is extremely difficult to locate statistics. The following are some of the most shocking numbers. The term Native American Indian refers to all American Indian and Alaskan Native populations. Nearly 30% of Native American Indians lived in poverty in 2011. For the nation as a whole, the corresponding rate was 15.9 %.

Nearly 28% of Native American Indians (NAI) lacked health insurance coverage in 2011. For the nation as a whole, the corresponding percentage was 15.1 %. This is one factor leading to major health disparities. Alcoholism mortality rates are 514 % higher than the general population. Suicide rates are more than double, and NAI teens experience the highest rate of suicide of any population group in the United States. Diabetes incidence is 177 % higher, with the highest rate of type 2 diabetes of any specific population in the United States. Tuberculosis incidence is 500 % higher.

Native American Indian youth attain the lowest level of education of any racial or ethnic group in the United States. Graduation rates for NAI high school students hover around 50% nationwide, as compared to over 75% for caucasian students.

These depressing statistics are due, in part, to the terrible legacy of the Indian Residential Boarding School system. The IRBS broke apart families and communities and we are living with the tragic legacy. The establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the United States of America will open the dialogue and lead to healing. The truth must be spoken to heal the pain in Indian Country. It doesn’t matter where the Native American Indian descendent resides, the healing process affects us all. Healing will move the statistics in a more positive direction. Improve the 2020 Census by establishing a Commission!

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA will be established to contribute to truth, healing and reconciliation between Native American Indian Nations and the United States of America.

Please join our Facebook page, search for "Petition to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA"

* * * * * STATISTICS * * * * *
Listed below is a brief review of verifiable facts. If more recent statistics are available, please send me a message with a link to the statistics. Please note that the term Native American Indian is interchangeable with American Indian and Alaskan Native (AI/NA). Thank you!

5.1 million
As of the 2011 American Community Survey, the nation’s population of American Indians and Alaska Natives, including those of more than one race. They made up 1.6 percent of the total population. Of this total, about half were American Indian and Alaska Native only, and about half were American Indian and Alaska Native in combination with one or more other races.
Source: 2011 American Community Survey

8.6 million
The projected population of American Indians and Alaska Natives, including those of more than one race, on July 1, 2050. They would comprise 2 percent of the total population.
Source: Population projections

Income and Poverty:
The median income of American Indian and Alaska Native alone households in 2011. This compares with $50,502 for the nation as a whole.
Source: 2011 American Community Survey

The percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives alone that were in poverty in 2011. For the nation as a whole, the corresponding rate was 15.9 percent.
Source: 2011 American Community Survey

Health Insurance:
The percentage of American Indians and Alaska Natives alone who lacked health insurance coverage in 2011. For the nation as a whole, the corresponding percentage was 15.1 percent.
Source: 2011 American Community Survey

[Lack of health insurance] is one factor leading to major health disparities among the American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN) population:
* Alcoholism mortality rates are 514 percent higher than the general population.
* Suicide rates are more than double, and Native teens experience the highest rate of suicide of any population group in the United States.
* Diabetes incidence is 177 percent higher, with the highest rate of type 2 diabetes of any specific population in the U.S.
* Tuberculosis incidence is 500 percent higher.

Statistics on Native American Youth:
*According to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 16 percent of students at Bureau of Indian Affairs schools in 2001 reported having attempted suicide in the preceding 12 months.
* About 2 percent of US children are American Indian/Alaska Native, but AI/ANs represent 8.4 percent of the children in foster care. (NICWA. & Kids Are Waiting, 2007)
* AI/AN youth are arrested at a rate of 3 times the national average, and 79% of youth in the Federal Bureau of Prison’s custody are AI/AN. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2004)
* Violence, including intentional injuries, homicide and suicide account for 75% of deaths for AI/AN youth age 12-20.
* AI/ANs attain the lowest level of education of any racial or ethnic group in the United States. Graduation rates for AI/AN high school students hover around 50% nationwide, as compared to over 75% for white students. (NIEA)
* Adolescent AI/ANs have death rates 2 to 5 times the rate of Whites in the same age group (SAMHSA), resulting from higher levels of suicide and a variety of risky behaviors.
* Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death – and 2.5 times the national rate – for AI/AN youth in the 15-24 age group.
* 22% of females and 12% of males reported to have attempted suicide, while 5% had serious thoughts of suicide in the past year.
* The reported rate of binge alcohol use over the past month was higher among AI/AN adults than the national average (30.6 percent vs. 24.5 percent). (SAMHSA)
* Only 1 in 8 (12.6 percent) of AI/AN adults (24,000 people) in need of alcohol or illicit drug use treatment in the past year received treatment at a specialty facility.

“American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month: November 2012”
- and -
“Fast Facts on Native American Youth and Indian Country”

********** END OF FACTS ***********

Please join our Petition!
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Sunday, March 17, 2013


My premiere accident occurred only a few weeks after I purchased my first auto. It had taken me a couple years to save enough money to partially finance a used vehicle and procure a loan. I was so happy for the independence after riding the bus and relying upon lifts from friends. I’d had my license since the age of sixteen but didn’t buy a car for over a decade. I was so happy to locate a nice used car. The stoplight had turned amber and I was seeking to clear the intersection when the other driver decided to zoom ahead. The right front corner of my car was smashed. It took a lot of time to physically and emotionally heal from the trauma. I know that I was partially to blame for making the turn.

My second accident happened a couple years later on the highway. The car behind me hit an icy patch and crashed into my wee Toyota Tercel. The back end of my car was crumpled. I was thrown against the door and knocked out. I had incredible pain after that mishap. The car should have been totaled because it never healed properly. I really should have sued due to my injuries.

About eight years ago I was rear ended by an inattentive driver on the highway. He was in his 20s and his mother called me and left a threatening message. She stated that her brother was an insurance inspector and would check me out for fraud. I really should have reported her and sued but I didn’t. My Dodge Spirit wasn’t hurt badly but I had a mild case of whiplash.

Auto accidents are a physical and emotional pain and logistical nightmare. I am already busy and now I have to deal with phone calls, medical appointments, and paperwork. I know that I am not at fault for being rear-ended but I still have to coordinate the logistics. My anxiety has increased significantly and I practice relaxation techniques to drive during inclimate weather. I’d prefer to travel by bus to work but it’s close to two-hours travel time each direction and that probably isn’t good for my back either.

After the accident I shuffled over to my neighbor’s houses. We usually take turns clearing a path on each other’s sidewalks for the myriad walkers in the neighborhood. I informed them of the auto accident and asked if they would be so kind as to shovel for me until I felt better. They were benevolent to oblige. I will find a way to repay them in-kind. I don’t have money to hire a neighbor kid to shovel for me.

It isn’t about pride; it’s concerning self-sufficiency. I ought to be able to take care of myself and help others. I have a responsibility to assist and its uncomfortable to receive. I already have to use the food shelf and heat-share due to being poor. I keep seeking a full-time job. Numerous interviews and no employment offer. I have cut out all but bare bones necessity expenses. My savings are dwindling and I will be in mortgage default soon. Adding another stress is unsustainable. I want to scream and cry, “Why?” What the heck have I done to be thrown into this pit? This camel’s back is hurt and nearly broken.

Contributions are greatly appreciated. Please send your donation to: Thank you ever so much!!

Poor pitiful me.
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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Part Two of my odyssey to health, first entry was posted on March 10th.

Day 4 after the accident I went to work. Despite the lack of sleep, the morning was okay with pain at level 6 but after lunch it spiked up. I procured a couple prescriptions, muscle-relaxer during the daytime and pain killer to sleep at night. I visited a Community Clinic and the Medical Doctor prescribed Cyclobenzaprine and Tramadol. Went in for chiropractic treatment two which consisted of acupuncture and ultrasound. She was friendlier and less stressed than during our initial meeting. All was fine until the Chiropractic Doctor, Lily, said that I might have some disc damage. I must be x-rayed to illuminate my spine. Dang nab it all!

Ventured to a local pharmacy to procure the meds. Dutifully read the instructions before consuming the medication. Tramadol has a specific warning about St. John’s Wort. I consume St. John’s Wort during the winter months to help thwart Seasonal Affective Disorder. However, I will have to stop using it when I take Tramadol. It will take 24 hours to clear my system. The pharmacist advised taking the Cyclobenzaprine one pill dosage for the first night. I consumed the pill and it made me feel slightly nauseated but I did not throw up. I made it through the darkness without too much pain. It was good to sleep.

Day 5 and I awoke feeling better. Sore and stiff from the inflammation but better than the two previous days. Lily used a lot of needles on me so they must be stimulating the right nerves. It is uncomfortable and disconcerting to lie prone on my stomach for treatment. I had the day off to focus on job search. I spoke with the owner of the massage studio. She gave me a sales pitch to return since I really didn’t like the atmosphere of the space. Day 6 returned to work, had x-rays taken of my spine, and visited to the chiropractor.

The x-rays showed my mild case of spina bifita and that arthritis is already starting to form. There is scalloping along one side of my spine DISH, which she thinks is odd. It doesn’t hurt but why only on one side? One of my lower disks is starting to shift forward and out of alignment. I have to see a neurologist, which scares me. Acupuncture is helpful, my pain level is moderate but I am still very stiff and sore. Tramadol makes me extremely thirsty and constipated.

Day 7 went to a private studio for massage. It was gentle and did not cause pain but I really didn’t feel relaxed. I could smell cigarettes on the therapist. I need to locate a different venue. Day 8 snowfall. My nice neighbor shoveled my sidewalk. Lily has forbidden me from shoveling, my cats are lazy bums, and I can’t afford to hire anyone to clear away the fluffy stuff. It sucks to be poor and in pain. Stress increased by dealing with the process of repairing my car. If I use my insurance company, I have to pay the deductible and get reimbursed. If I use Jin’s company, they will take care of it all. I mentioned the name of Jin’s company and a friend of mine convinced me that it was in my best interest to use my own company to repair the car.

Rather depressed when the chiropractor said that it would take me at least six weeks to heal with a lot of ups and downs. I don’t have medical insurance since MCHA (Minnesota Comprehensive Medical Association) costs $750 for three months. I can’t afford that right now. I’ve already been flagged with a preexisting condition. I probably will never be able to obtain regular insurance, unless the 2014 healthcare law permits it. I’d rather spend my time cleaning the house than dealing with this crap. When you consider that I hate cleaning, I absolutely abhor dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident.

Riding the roller coaster.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


First, dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is a pain in myriad ways. Coordinating the healing my body and auto is stressful. Insurance adjustors and paperwork is endless. The insurance company wants to pry ten years into my past, which is rude and unnecessary. I feel vulnerable every time that I see the doctor. Exhausted and the physical pain ebbs and flows.

Second, Zozo my eldest cat has become ill. She is a very sweet seven-year-old feline who purrs when I walk into the room. My heart would break if she would suffer or die. She began to hack a lot in the fall. I thought it was due to hairballs so I switched to Science Diet Elder Adult Anti-Hairball food. The vomiting stopped but she still seemed to cough a lot. She started sneezing in February and now it has developed into a respiratory problem. Thankfully, I located a coupon and took her to the veterinarian. After poking and prodding, the vet determined that she probably had an upper respiratory infection.

A better diagnosis could be made with an expensive blood test or an even more expensive procedure which would involve anesthetizing her to take a sample of the inside of her sinuses. Instead, I opted for a prescription of Clavamox (amoxicillian trihydrate/ calavulanate potassium) 62.5mg tabs twice per day. The problem with Zozo is that she is a smart cat and she hates pills. She knows the sound of my opening the prescription and resists consuming the pill. I have to capture her and force the pill into her mouth, unpleasant for both of us. The vet also wants her to take 250mg of L-Lysine twice per day. I purchased the pills from the pharmacy and must crush them for her to consume. I have mixed them with butter and hummus but she has rejected both. I must figure out another method of convincing her to take the medicine.

NOTE: There is a strong need for a low-cost veterinarian in the East Metro of the Twin Cities, MN. A sliding fee clinic exists in Hopkins but it isn’t worth the cost of fuel to drive all the way there and have a cat cry the entire distance. The stress isn’t good for either of us.

Third, my broke down 100-year-old home has plumbing issues. The upstairs bathroom sink became plugged and Draino didn’t resolve the blockage. I unwound the trap and the entire pipe-works fell apart. I called the handy-person who had installed the pipes for me two years ago when the original pipes rusted. Greg is a nice person but really needs a shave, haircut, belt, and longer shirt because he does fulfill the bad stereotype of a grungy repair-person. Greg used a pipe snake to twist out the plug and then reinstalled the pipes.

Unfortunately, the obstruction just seems to have been moved further down the line. I washed clothes and the water backed up. Thankfully, it was clean water but now I have to call Greg back to snake the sewer line in the basement to try to clear out the impasse. The seal on the basement toilet leaked so I need a new wax ring installed. Plus, the first floor shower needs to be repaired and the upstairs bathroom needs a new faucet because the cold water dial is rusted shut. Actually, the upstairs bathroom requires an entire remodel and have a shower installed.

Fourth, the washing machine and dryer are near death. It irritates me because the washer has ceased agitating the clothes. I have to presoak everything and swish them in the big sink before transferring them into the washer to be spun. The spin cycle isn’t functioning very well and the dryer doesn’t produce much heat. I need a new washer and dryer. I’d love to install an on-demand water heater, too.

Fifth, the oven is dispelling carbon monoxide when I bake. I have to turn on the overhead fan to suck out the fumes because I know that they are dangerous to inhale. I fear baking anything.

Finally, I have cavities. The dentist said that it is probably due to the hormonal changes with the beginning of menopause. I will have to sell something to pay for the fillings. I can't delay because the cavities will only grow and become more expensive.

Normally, all these issues would be a minor irritant but all of them occurring at the same time is overwhelming me with mental anguish. I broke down and sobbed today, which is not normal. I feel alone, afraid and weak. My family isn’t supportive and I don’t have any “best” friends to burden with my sorrow. I strive to be self-sufficient. My financial resources have continued to dwindle since my full-time job was cut to part-time during the summer of 2009. I have endured unemployment and underemployment ever since that time. I am working part-time now and despite completing hundreds of applications and participating in numerous interviews I can’t get hired. I stopped counting the applications and interviews a while ago because it was only adding to my anxiety.

A full-time job with benefits would solve most of my challenges. I could afford to get stuff fixed and would handle the stress healing the whiplash and cat more easily. I will give my job search until the end of the month and then I will just have to pick up a couple more part-time jobs to pay the bills. Part-time jobs pay less per hour than a full-time job so I will probably end up working 60+ hours per week. I won’t have time to write very much. I find writing to be very therapeutic. It helps me to express my inner feelings since I can’t afford to visit with a mental health professional.

If you have ever enjoyed reading this column, please consider making a contribution. Gifts are greatly appreciated. Please send your donation to: Thank you ever so much!!

Suffered enough already.
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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Crunch. “Damn,” I muttered. I waved the universal “follow me” beckoning sign to the guy. He was driving the car that had just crashed into mine. I had safely traversed treacherous city streets, slightly slippery highway, and had cautiously exited the off ramp near my office. The ramp slopes downward so I drove slowly. I still slid a bit at the end but managed to stop at the yield sign. Patiently waited for traffic to clear before I could merge. Alas, the young man behind me did not practice such caution. I was beginning to exit when I glanced in the rearview mirror and felt dread. His car was traveling too fast and I couldn’t get traction to move out of the way. A percussive thud was the result. At least I didn’t hit anyone as he slammed into my car.

We pulled into a parking lot and he was immediately apologetic. I asked if he had insurance and felt relieved when he replied in the affirmative. I have indemnity coverage so we swapped information. The back of my aged car, 13 years old, is cracked and a large chunk is missing from the center. The offending auto didn’t have a ding. My Toyota Camry now shutters a bit so it probably got knocked out of alignment, too. The break indicator light keeps turning on so a wire must have been affected. The car is drivable. I don’t have money to replace it.

The pain was instantaneous. My neck and back began to ache. Thankfully the other driver, we’ll call him Jin, said that he felt okay. He is a college student and it was his first mishap. Alas, I have been in several vehicular collisions. After swapping information, I slowly made my way to work. I called my insurance company’s claims office and they quickly assigned me to an adjustor, Ellen. I told her that I wasn’t feeling well and she added on a medical adjustor. Both adjustors are located in the Twin Cities and they were very friendly. With the support of Aspirin, I foolishly worked a full day, which I will refer to as Day Zero.

No sick leave or PTO and no medical or benefits of any kind is offered to me since I am a part time employee. I had the next day (aka Day 1) off and decided that I should seek medical assistance. I researched and located a chiropractor. She was lacking in bedside manner and the office cramped but the acupuncture and ultrasound permitted me to move my head more freely. It is too soon to do adjustments. Dr. Lily (not her real name). She noted that the pain would probably get worse before I would begin to heal. How disheartening.

The next day I had to work for a half day (Day 2). Lily prescribed a message after work. The therapist, Sally, was gentle but I felt wretched that night and all of Day 3. My left leg sciatic nerve and mid-back are at 9 on the pain level scale with 10 being the highest. Perhaps I should have waited a week before seeking treatment. Aspirin isn’t strong enough and I hesitate consuming very much because it can lead to other problems. I can’t use Ibuprophen because it irritates my kidneys.

Pain in the neck.
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Friday, March 8, 2013


Decided to review popular adolescent fiction. My 30-something next-door neighbor gushed over Twilight when it was first released. I haven’t viewed any of the movies and only faintly remember hearing about the plot. Spoiler Alert: I will be discussing characters and story.

Twilight (first book in series) by Stephenie Meyer Two Worms
Old guy lusts after a young girl, modern update of an ancient story. Edward’s pedophilia is thinly veiled by the supernatural. At least Bella, the female lead, is a klutz and her parents are interesting. Writing is mediocre, but it is a slightly stimulating story.

New Moon (second book) by Stephenie Meyer Two Worms
Mystified that neither Bella’s parents nor the high school staff required her to receive psychological counseling. It was clear that she was depressed. Relieved that I didn’t have to read more of Bella’s lamentations when the author cleverly skipped several months of time. Jacob is the most compelling character.

Eclipse (third book) by Stephenie Meyer Two and a Half Worms
Edward’s control over Bella is abusive. Her obsession with him is tiring. Nauseated by her whining to become a vampire and mooning over his rapturous beauty. They clearly need a break from each other to gain some perspective. Jacob is the most fully developed character and the writing is improving. However, it is painfully evident where the story is headed. Descriptors are unnecessarily repeated (glower, growl, snarl, etc).

Breaking Dawn (fourth book) by Stephenie Meyer Three Worms
Sickening wedding and honeymoon scene, you’ll need an insulin shot to avoid a glucose coma. This is the 21st Century, repulsive for a woman to change her last name and become legal property of the male. Jacob’s narrative is strong but marred by derogatory jokes. Prologue spoiled the tale. Second half of the book is well written.

HINT: Read a summary of the first three books and spend time with the fourth.

I’d rather be mortal.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Our ninth Cash Mob St Paul MN (CMSPM) get-together is heralded!! Help support a local business by spending at least $20 cash at this event (okay to spend less).!/events/346563148788335/

CMSPM Event #9
Please join us:
Date: Saturday, March 16th, 2013
Time: 10am (okay to arrive late)
Location: Suzetra Boutique
Woodbury Lakes Shopping Mall
9100 Hudson Road Suite 114
Woodbury, MN 55125
Phone: 651-348-7612
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-9; and Sunday 11-6

The cash mob rules are simple:
1. Spend $20 cash (more or less but cash does speed up the check out process),
2. Chat with three people that you don’t know but please bring along a friend or two, and
3. Enjoy yourself! We want this to be a fun experience for everyone.

On the CMSPM Facebook (FB) page:
* Please RSVP with “Join” if you can make it; invite your FB Friends; and SHARE THIS INVITATION WITH OTHERS via FB by posting on your personal page. Help spread the word to non-FB folks (see next paragraph for details).
* If you can’t attend, you can temporarily indicate a “Maybe” to invite your FB friends and then decline at a later date.
* Please decline before the event if you have to cancel. It’s rude to be a no-show.
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Monday, March 4, 2013


PLEASE BEGIN WITH CHAPTER ONE, published on February 16th, 2013. Rough draft of an imaginary fable, inspired by the television show, Grimm.

The Hexen Empire began to crumble during the French Revolution. Ordinary citizens demanded equal status and access to the wealth, which was disproportionately held by a tiny percentage of the population. The Great War usurped more of the monarchies and World War II deposed several more fiefdoms, many royals and their underlings died. Survivors scattered around the world. The remaining Crown Heads of Europe lost much of their wealth and power. They became symbolic patrons instead of political leaders. Hexen moved into cabinet positions in the new democratic and socialist governments but their heyday was over. The Changeling community was overjoyed.

During the 1980s I met a delightful artistic Hexen paradox, named Rudolpho. He had long dark hair, brown twinkly eyes, and a sweet smile. Love is a wonderful feeling and I became blissfully pregnant. We lived in a small safe community in Turkey and met a nice Grimm couple from America, the Burkhardts. They were both descended from Good Grimms who had immigrated to the United States. They were teaching English in a nearby village for a year. We became good friends but I never told them my real identity. I enjoyed spending time with my “children.”

We were celebrating the Burkhardt’s five-year wedding anniversary and bon voyage with a dinner at our abode. They were to return home the next week. Rudy was finishing a painting in his studio when I went out to greet Kelly and Reed at their car. As we returned to the house, the hair on the back of my neck began to stand on end. I knew what it meant and warned our guests. A gaggle of Hybrids attacked us. Even though I was eight months pregnant, I was able to fight alongside my friends and we managed to kill all but one of the Hybrids. However, it was too late for Rudy, he laid decapitated next to his easel.

I was bereft with heartache. I don’t even know when the labor pains began. I gave birth while grieving the loss of my beloved. The police cleared us of charges but could not repair my broken heart. I held my darling baby boy and wept. I was also sad that Burkhardts were about to return to the United States. I knew what I had to do. I called my lawyer and arranged for a private adoption. Nickolas became their son. I felt deep grief but I knew that optimistic people would raise him. They would protect him from becoming a servant of beasts. I hunted the final member of the Hybrid pack to learn who ordered the extermination of my family. The Hybrid confessed and but I was not ready to seek revenge.

I would check in on the Burkhardts and was satisfied with Nick’s progress. They told him that I was a cousin. Nick was a happy and loved child. I did not predict that Reed would have an affair with his wife’s best friend, Gina Serafini. Kelly found out, hired a Hybrid assassin to kill them, and fled. Nick’s aunt Marie Kessler did a fine job of raising him. I visited on several occasions. However, she chose not to take him through the Fledging process and it delayed the blooming of his Grimm skills. I must correct this error. Together we could avenge the murder of his biological father.

Thank you for reading this very rough draft of a possible origination story of the Grimm. My first venture into fiction. Please feel free to friend me on Facebook!

NOTE: The current series of Grimm will re-start on NBC on March 8th, 2013. I encourage you to view old episodes on their website.


May the Grimm be with you.
© 2013 Ima B. Musing

Saturday, March 2, 2013


PLEASE START WITH CHAPTER ONE, published on February 16th, 2013. This is a fictional story.

When I am busy, time flows by quickly. Changelings had adapted along with other humans to the physical condition of their environment. Their bodies were affected by the amount of daylight and humidity. They resided in areas suitable to sustain their sub-species. Otherwise, all Changelings are similar. They just want to have a good life and raise children. I could only be in one location at a time. It would take a year or more for news to travel from place to place before technology shortened the communications gap. I kept finding new places to visit. It was less complicated to travel as a male.

I intervened to rescue Changeling sub-species who were hunted by humans or other Changelings and improved my reputation. It was nice to be invited a Changeling community; the hosts would be gracious enough to provide food, clothing and shelter. I found happiness again. Long ago I learned how to determine what the local society considered valuable and procure it. Thus, I was able to purchase what I needed. A lot of calories are expended when transforming from one species to another. I needed food to maintain my position and nutrition isn’t free. I would stash valuables such as precious metals and stones in caches, but sometimes the goods would be absconded before I returned for them. Eventually, I used banks to store my finances.

After many years of solitude, I sought affection. I had learned long ago that sexual intimacy without emotion is merely a form of exercise. I loved the person that I was with until the relationship ended or they died. I was attracted to the soul of the person, not their body. My partner’s gender was not a concern. Since I could alter my physical appearance, it was easy to make certain that we were compatible. I could not reproduce as a male, though.

During my sojourns, I would occasionally discover a Hexen paradox: a magical person with kindhearted and empathic traits. They fought their evil nature and escaped from the callousness of their own tribe. I protected the Positive Witch/Warlock for as long as possible. If I mated with the Positive Warlock, I made certain that our Grimm child was raised in an optimistic environment. Tragically, sometimes my lovers were located and murdered by angry Changelings, fearful humans, or vengeful Hexens. Our children would be stolen and brainwashed by the Hexens to join the Royal Guard. I always feared for their safety.

I was fortunate when surviving “Good” Grimm children would reach maturity and challenge evil in all its forms. They would champion those oppressed by the Royals. They would lead a band of rebels and battle the Hexen. Their efforts saved the world from utter Hexen domination. They hunted and killed Wesen who harmed humans and transformed into the unofficial Sheriff of the Changeling community. Changelings could not determine the difference between a positive and negative Grimm so they feared all my children and their offspring.

We accidentally discovered that when the blood of a Grimm was absorbed by a Hexen, the evil shard of Tanis’ soul would be dispelled from the Hexen’s soul rendering them to be an ordinary witch/warlock. Perhaps it is because a miniscule portion of Tanis’ spirit is in each Grimm rendering their DNA incompatible. I did the best that I could but I could not stop all the tragedies that occurred. To err is Human and Changelings are a part of the Human clan.

Changelings lived harmoniously as valued members with most indigenous tribes. I spent time on the North American continent before heading south to venture to deep into the beautiful Amazon basin. Upon my return to modernity, it was agonizing to learn that the British government crushed the original occupants of the land through colonization. I ensured that the continent remained neutral Changeling territory; no Royals were allowed to establish themselves in the democratic governments that formed during the 1700s. One small victory.

© 2013 Ima B. Musing