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The Minnesota Visual Arts Awards, which could also be called The Minnesota Fine Art Awards or something completely different, is an idea that has been brewing in my mind for a while. I noticed that every other genre of art: dance, literary- book, music, and theatre have award shows but what about the visual or fine arts? Equity is needed.

I asked around and finally decided to get the proverbial “ball rolling.” Thus, we have a creative-storming session planned for Saturday, January 31st, 2015. It is only a discussion session with the goal of forming a planning committee. The planning committee will then work towards drafting a charter with a mission statement and establishing a Board of Directors. The Board will then need to officially file the charter to procure 501(c)3 nonprofit status. They also need to finalize categories, selection criteria, and funding with a fiscal agent to hold the money until it is needed. I do not plan to be a part of the Board; I just want to get the planning committee started on their journey.

Possible Mission Statement:
In an effort to recognize Minnesota’s top visual artists for their achievements in the field, and to expand, promote, and document Minnesota’s role as a leading fine arts destination.

Potential Categories include but are not limited to:
Digital-New Media
Service to the Arts (individual and nonprofit categories)
Emerging Visual Artist (under two years selling artwork)
Lifetime Achievement (20+ years)
Visual Art Teacher (K-12, college, and community)

Prospective Criteria include but are not limited to:
Must be a resident of Minnesota; at least 51% of the time
?? to be defined

Goal: Host first awards ceremony in 2016.

If you are interested, please join our session in January. Please use Evite to RSVP (event is free)">

We seek statewide involvement from artists and arts advocates with a diverse and inclusive planning committee nee Board of Directors. Technology will assist with connecting to people with Internet capabilities but it will require thoughtful consideration to make sure that the planning and awards are truly representational of ALL of Minnesota.
Visual Arts Awards!
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