Thursday, January 21, 2010


Filled with excitement, anticipation and a bit of fear. The first time you kiss someone, it is thrilling and frightening. Hopefully, the result is positive and the negative emotions dispel in the warmth of the moment. Greetings! This is my first smooch-blog via “social media.” Let’s hope for a long and enjoyable relationship.

The weather is abysmal outside but it forces me to remain indoors to tackle projects, sleep, chat on the phone, spend hours in front of the computer, eat, or become numbed by the television. I obviously have made a choice. After I moved, my computer died – I think someone dropped it. A dear friend took pity upon my plight and gave me an old unit. I located a reasonably priced server and connect to the internet. Alas, I could only afford dial-up and am subjected to long wait times (which were the norm 10 years ago but seem like an eternity now). I will concentrate on composing word-smooches to the world (aka blog entries) while I grow old waiting for the next page or document to load. Heavy sigh… I will have a lot of time to write.

Smooches (kiss sounds),
Ima B. Musing