Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hi, my name is Tilly. You can see from my photo that I am adorable. I was born in the countryside and adopted at two months of chronological age. I have an older a sibling, Zozo, who was born in Wisconsin and adopted at six weeks of age. We moved into the city house of Ima. Ima makes certain that we have lots of affection, food, water, clean bathroom facilities, lots of rest, toys, and regular visits to the doctor. She even trims our nails, which is quite irritating. Of course, my favorite activities are tummy rub and treat time.

Unfortunately, Ima has been seeking employment for a long while and is sad because she has had difficulty finding a job. She has sent out over 500 resumes and been on over 20 interviews. Ima is an eccentric middle-aged human female with many talents. When she isn’t looking for a job she volunteers with disaster response, community building, and mentors college students. She has helped several neighbors convert their yards with native perennial plants.

Ima has devoted her life to helping others in need. She has worked at several 501(c)3 nonprofit non-governmental organizations and educational institutions. Ima has taught Level 1 English to adults, job readiness skills to people receiving MFIP (welfare), service learning to sixth graders, managed volunteers, coordinated a mentoring program, and many other tasks. She feels obligated to support others. However, Ima needs assistance now. She’s rather embarrassed to ask but I am not.

Please consider making a gift at Go Fund Me www.gofundme.com/i4ix0 to help Ima pay the mortgage, bills, and buy food for Zozo and I. Searching for a job is all consuming. The cost is approximately $2,200* per month since she is frugal. She has been trying to spread cheer through sharing her thoughts freely by blogging. She has also focused on promoting talented artists with her words. Regardless of your decision, please encourage your friends and family to become regular readers of Ima’s blog. Delight Ima by Friending her on Facebook and Following her on Twitter.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this humble request. All gifts great and small are deeply appreciated. Ima promises to use the funds for necessities like mortgage and food. As soon as she procures employment and pays the bills she will donate to charities the amount that is raised by this effort (it may take a year or two). She will keep you updated on the blog.

Many Purrs,
Tillie & Zozo

PS Translated from Meowlish by Ima.
Note: * = Go Fund Me and Pay Pal extract a small fee for processing the donation.

Attitude of Gratitude.
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