Friday, May 11, 2012


Intelligent extraterrestrial life, absolutely possible but highly improbable that they have made contact with humans. If they have visited Earth, I’m sure they were disappointed or disgusted. Humans are too violent and close-minded to appreciate alien culture and technology. I think that 99.99% of UFO “sightings” can be logically explained but the remainder creates a quandary.

Granted, I have seen some odd lights in the Southern Minnesota sky. In the early 1970s my family took guests out to supper at a fancy restaurant in Rochester, Michael’s. It was a beautiful summer evening. On our way home we noticed that a soybean field was covered with about a dozen multi-colored lights about three feet in diameter. We joined the cars that had stopped to watch the lights bounce around and swirl about a foot above the plants. I was in the backseat next to the field. I rolled down the window and there was no sound. I was so enchanted that I tried to get out of the car and run to the lights. My dad reached into the back seat and grabbed me by the collar. The lights twirled together into a larger white lump, rose up about fifty feet and zipped away really fast. We sat there in silence for a couple minutes and then everybody started their autos and continued their journey. I have seen heat-lightening balls and it was not that phenomenon.

Winter of 1984 I was attending college and got a ride from a friend to visit my parents. I wrote about this event in my journal. We were heading south on Interstate 35 when a large white light began scanning the road just north of Faribault. My friend stopped the car and turned off the engine. I rolled down the window and there was no sound on a frigid moonless night. It was not a helicopter. Several other cars stopped to watch the light as it moved around for a couple minutes before it zoomed away. Freaky at about 1:30am, my friend was stunned. We restarted the car and continued on the drive home. He never wanted to talk about it again.

Part of Southern-Eastern Minnesota is in a test flight path for the military. I remember seeing a prototype of something that looked like the Stealth Bomber as it flew over a friend’s farm. We knew that it with the military and were not alarmed. One of her neighbors accidentally took a photo of a test plane and was visited by officials who confiscated the photo and film. Due to the highly patriotic nature of the residents we obliged and did not get concerned. I wonder if the strange lights were attracted to the test flights. Perhaps they were monitoring the progress of our technology. I doubt if space aliens travel to Earth, its more likely that they would send a probe to gather information.

My uncle who was in the Air Force reported seeing flying objects several times. He was told to not talk about it but he did inform the family. I am not a conspiracy theorist; I don’t think that we have been invaded. I think that the government (which includes the military) doesn’t tell us everything. They could quash the whole Project Blue Book and Roswell silliness by practicing transparency and fully enforcing the Freedom of Information Act. Perhaps humans will become more compassionate towards each other if we have a shared concern about the ubiquitous Little Green Men…and Little Green Women.

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