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 Most recent review was posted on May 21st.

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand Four worms

Disconcerting biography of Louis Zamperini’s prisoner of war experience. Map was nice but the preface was unnecessary. Disturbing details of the atrocities of war when the Geneva Convention is violated and the POWs struggle to survive. Not to be read if you are prone to nightmares. Epilogue was rather confusing but the research notes impressive.

The Water Children by Anne Berry Four worms

Poetic languid exploration of the characters. Discombobulating in sections where it isn’t clear who is being discussed but weaves together well. Strong storyline and sugary ending after so much pain.

The Invitation by Anne Cherian Three worms

Four college friends reunite for an emotional event. Good insight into the internal workings of the characters. Structure of story could have used some tweaking and the ending was rather abrupt. The email conclusion was clever.

Glass Asylum by JoAnn Bren Guernsey Two and half worms

Tale of a writer’s angst. Strong writing convoluted by perplexing plot. The short story examples were a rude interruption in the narrative. The teacher character was the most interesting and should have been the focus of the book.

The Healing by Jonathan Odell Two and half worms

Some nice passages and good description of the swamps. Author rather clueless when it came to the female “flowering.” It ain’t flowers that flow but the imagery of a river through time was notable.

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