Friday, August 31, 2012


The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture’s 2012 Conference is being held in the Twin Cities from September 6th – 8th. I have been selected as an official “Documenter” for the conference! I will be interviewing participants and posting the discussions on the NAMAC website: I am not certain of the date of my first posting, but just watch their site for my contributions. Thus, I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from my personal blog to volunteer in this capacity.

As you know, I am both a consumer and creator of the ubiquitous “media.” I read a lot, watch a lot, and think too much. I really enjoy writing my observations and self-publishing in this online virtual world of the Blog-o-sphere. Haven’t made a dime, but that is okay. I’m just honored that people actually read my odd and arcane views.

Blogging has provided some interesting opportunities. I really enjoy promoting artists, writers, and local businesses. It’s been delightful meeting folks and making new friends. As an adult, it can be a challenge to do the precious metal thing – “make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” All positive relationships are dear to me.

As for NAMAC qualifications, I was raised in a creative family. My parents had an arts-n-crafts business and we displayed their creations at county fairs and art shows throughout southern Minnesota. I’ve always puttered with drawing, painting, and montages. As a teenager, I participated in the 4-H Arts-In show (featured at the Minnesota State Fair). I was a Studio Arts major for a while in college before I switched over to Communications. I have worked at both the Guthrie Theater and Walker Art Center.

Once I learned how to read, a challenge due to my mild dyslexia, I have been a consumer of words. My favorite distraction is to fall into a book. A good story is the best stress reliever. I love to write but spelling is a weakness so I am forever grateful to the inventor of spell-check. I was the news editor of my high school paper and dreamt of becoming a professional journalist. However, the 1980s was still a very male-dominated era and I didn’t want to have to play games to be permitted to write an article. Sadly, I switched to another major but twenty-some years later I have returned to my first avocation, writing. Middle-aged crisis, No, because I didn’t feel stressed about it and I am only 40-something. I just wanted to fulfill this yearning since my youth. I guess it was a positive impulse because I’ve been very pleased with the results.

Please check the NAMAC website for my postings. I’ll return to my personal blog as soon as I find something interesting to say… probably September 9th.

See Ya at the NAMAC Conference!
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