Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I am rather embarrassed by the lack of progress made on goals for the winter. I suppose that I fell into light depression due to my mother’s death. My best escape is reading. It focuses my attention and distracts me from sadness or anger. Over six months have passed but I still experience intense sadness and tears. Her birth date, my birthday, and what would have been my parent’s sixtieth wedding anniversary were all difficult days.

I also dealt with a physical illness that stole two months of energy from me. As I have written before, I coughed for about a month. I continued to occasionally hack for two weeks and was tired for another two weeks. The phlegm was milky so I don’t think that it was pneumonia or bronchitis. I have a terrible deductible for the health plan so I didn’t want to add to my already huge debt.

At least Tilly is doing well. She is back to being plump and sassy. You’d never know that she was about to die three months ago. My friend Roopa has started divorce proceedings. Her lawyer sent the papers to her soon-to-be-ex husband’s lawyer but the fool hasn’t filed them yet. This is vexing Roopa. Sadly, she refuses to see a counselor, which I think that both she and the kids could benefit from immensely.

Ted is back in Minnesota. He figured out that he did not have support system in Nevada and that aided to his return to alcoholism. He lost a lot of money during his venture. I have decided to be friendly but not seek friendship with him. He is gratingly pessimistic. Everyone goes through bumps but he is more like a sandpit, he’ll drag me down if I am not careful.

Keep hope alive.
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