Thursday, February 4, 2010


Intuition is usually correct. The old “sick” feeling which is not an upset stomach or GI track issue. I knew that something was awry but could not figure out what. It wasn’t until my boss pulled me into a meeting and told me that my full-time job was being cut to part-time that the intuition was sadly satisfied. That occurred in June 2009.

The economy always sucks when I am seeking a job. The last time it happened was December 2002 and I was laid off. At least during 2003 I procured interviews but not this time. I did receive one telephone interview a couple months ago but they decided to only meet with internal candidates. I have to dip into my savings a bit each month to pay the bills.

This has caused considerable angst. I feel disrespected and there is no less work to do in half the time, in fact, my boss wants me to do more. I would love to quit but require the funds to pay for necessities (food, shelter, gas/electricity, cat food). It is painful to go into the office every day but I trudge in. Thankfully, the Economic Stimulus subsidy will help me to afford health-care until November, which is another necessity. I better get a job by that time or I don’t know what I will do when the subsidy ends. I just wish my cats would get a job but they lack motivation.

Always seek the positive. Time is valuable. I have had the opportunity to volunteer more. Hang out with friends, read, and be a bit lazy. When I was working full time I had to rush from one task to another. I can now be a bit more leisurely. I worked on a lot of low-cost projects at home during the summer of ‘09. I painted part of the house and moved a lot of perennial garden plants. These are all tasks, which would have required the use of vacation time or exhausted me during the weekend. I now have tasks in the house to tackle – such as the dreaded piles of paperwork in the office.

Time to read more Jeeves and Wooster! My favorite is “The Tie That Binds.”
NOTE: I don’t care for the author’s subtle bigotry & sexism (I give him some leeway due to the society in which he was raised).
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