Thursday, July 15, 2010


Unemployment sucks. I left a part-time job that I didn't like anymore (after it had been cut from a full-time job with no fewer expectations of work accomplished) and took a full-time job, which has now ended. I am now fully unemployed. I guess it is the proverbial jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I've walked over these coals before so I plan to survive with very few burns.

Unemployment rates are astoundingly high so there is a huge amount of competition for the jobs that are available. I shall attempt to re-design myself as a consultant. I did consulting about 15 years ago and didn't like the loneliness of the work. I just need to make enough money to survive.

I hope that Congress extends Unemployment Benefits and the COBRA subsidy soon. I need both to keep my house. I had obtained a kitten a week before my job ended and she is not showing signs of employability. Momo died in May and Zozo was sad. They are getting along well, thankfully.
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