Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sorry about this belated entry. Working full time for the past couple weeks has been exhausting. Not just due to 40+ hours of work but it is also mentally draining to be learning so much new information. I find that I am thinking about tasks when I am away from the office more frequently than with my former job. There is stress involved with adjusting to a different office environment, per previous entry about a loud workspace. I have brought in a pair of headphones but they don’t really block out the surrounding sound, I must locate a better qualify of gear to purchase.

The job itself is already hectic. I am in charge of recruiting, screening and placing new people and I first need to update the position descriptions, application (remove two illegal questions pertaining to date of birth and disabilities – shocking but true the previous person had these questions on the application), and update the process. My new boss, Susan, is fine. We have a lot of the same philosophies and she came from an office where the standards were as high as mine.

I just feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of tasks thrown at me. I have to do the intake process, coordinate marketing, do some fundraising and expected to help with client issues. That is one area that I will resist. Right now I’m using the excuse of not knowing the process but I don’t think it’s my role to do that piece. It is better for my boss to do the entire customer service process. I’m not comfortable with pleasing people… mmm, that needs more exploration at a future time.

HAPPY MAY DAY! (one day late)

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