Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Show that you support in the First Amendment of the United States of America and purchase a Koran, which can also be spelled Quaran. Read it. Learn about the Islamic faith, which has the same roots as Judaism and Christianity. Take classes. You don’t have to convert. Just open your mind and heart that other religions have a right to exist. Learn about other organized faiths, shamanism, agnosticism, and atheistic views.

People who sought religious freedom founded America. Freedom for all. I personally find some specific practices and philosophies of various faiths not meshing with my personal viewpoint. I don’t think that any specific religion is evil or should be eradicated because it doesn’t agree with my ideas. Faith is a personal choice. You can practice whatever you want as long as the basic tenet of “Do no harm” is followed. Per example, perhaps you worship a special rock. Go ahead. Just don’t use the rock to hit any person, animal, harm nature or yourself. Repression is a form of harm, as is burning holy text (though symbolic).

If you are Muslim, celebrate the First Amendment by purchasing a holy book from another religion and learn about other faiths. As you gain knowledge about other religions, you see that they are profoundly similar. We are human beings, first, before we learn any religious philosophies. Humans celebrate each other’s freedom to practice religion.
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