Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The cats are not allowed upstairs. The have freedom to roam the basement and first floor but not the second level. Houseplants are upstairs during the cool season and could cause problems for the feline gastro-intestinal track. Plus, the office is upstairs and was off-limits to Mo due to her OCD. Yes, Mo was obsessive-compulsive. She was compelled to eat paper, especially newspaper.

She had always occasionally nibbled on the edge of newspapers and paperwork since she entered my home. A couple years ago Mo ate half a newspaper while I was gone on holiday. I called the veterinarian and he assured me that she would be okay as long as the newspaper was digesting. She drank a lot of water but it all came out in the end. Into the litter box.

As a result, paperwork ended up in my office. Otherwise, it had to be placed inside a plastic bag (usually the clear bag from the newspaper) to ensure Mo would not eat it. Sometimes she managed to open the bag and eat the paper anyway. Since she died in May I don’t have to do this anymore. Zozo doesn’t seem to care about newspaper but she will eat plants. I suppose it is a good habit for me to keep paperwork in the office. I would be tempted to leave it lying about the house and paperwork tends to reproduce itself when left unattended. I don’t know if the new kitten, Tillie, will have the urge to chew newspaper or plants. She’s only 10 weeks old and likes to chew on a cardboard box and her tail.
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