Monday, June 13, 2011


Nearly one year of unemployment. I have sent out almost 250 resumes and have an interview #8 scheduled. I just want to scream, "I have skills, hire me!" I need enough money to pay the bills since the lazy cats refuse to work. I want a job that isn't mind numbingly boring nor morally reprehensible. Is that too much to ask? Thankfully, I still receive unemployment but I continue to draw down my savings account. I fear the day when my unemployment benefits are exhausted.

It irks me that posh corporate administrators get paid millions if not billions of dollars per year and most don’t even pay their custodians enough to survive. There are some wonderfully socially conscious financially blessed people but too many are selfish bastards. Lower middle class and financially stressed people give a higher percentage of their income to charity and are more likely to volunteer. They also pay a higher percentage of taxes to the government than people who are in the upper income bracket. Those are the facts, it’s published.

If you know of a job for a sassy opinionated person in the Twin Cities, MN, please contact me.

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