Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Is the moment that the egg and sperm unite and it divides into to two cells? Is it when the cells form a body that can live on its own outside the womb? I don’t think that we will ever completely agree upon the moment when human life starts. Medical advances permit premature babies to survive that would have perished only a few years ago. Nine months may not be needed for gestation and survival of a new human life.

Abstinence is an illusion. Humans are sexual creatures and “just say no” isn’t logical. Sexual intercourse happens, pregnancy can be the result. I wish that every dividing egg would be born as a healthy child. Reality can be harsh. Many pregnancies end in a spontaneous miscarriage. For whatever reason, the pregnancy was not viable and the womb empties itself to prepare for another pregnancy. The woman may not be aware that she was pregnant. I had just learned that I was pregnant when my body rejected the baby. I was devastated emotionally when this occured but was a physically healthy 21 year old.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the old saying states. Pro-life and pro-choice people can agree on this issue. I am PRO-PREVENTION. Birth control should be free/low cost and easy to use for everyone engaging in heterosexual intercourse. When a male wants to mate, they must wear a condom. Men can’t rely on The Pill or any other birth control mechanism to thwart the sperm’s journey. Women are responsible to take The Pill, use a diaphragm or some mechanism to stop the matching of the egg with sperm. Females can’t rely on the condom working 100% of the time. When BOTH partners use some form of birth control, the chance of an unwanted pregnancy is reduced.

Controlling hormones can be a challenge with passion rises and clouds judgment. Practice Prevention Every Time That You Have Sex! Period. End of Discussion.

Be Pro-Prevention, provide free/low cost birth control!
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