Friday, July 15, 2011


I like to drink tea (with the exception of American-grade Lipton and Earl Grey). However, the Tea Party appalls me. Tea Party members view compromise as a “bad word.” They see inflexibility and intractability as strength. They distain government so it’s ironic that they sought elected office. They are elected anarchists. Several have stated that they wish to dismantle government, which is libertarianism-anarchy. They have demonstrated themselves to be piranhas that feed on anyone deemed “unpure.” Does any relationship work without compromise, flexibility, and the ability to change one's mind?

“Ignorance and arrogance is a dangerous combination,” Governor Mark Dayton stated on July 14th, 2011 at the Humphrey Forum when he announced willingness to compromise on the budget and end the State of Minnesota Shutdown. He had to swallow bitter tea to make progress to end the shutdown. This crisis isn’t over until the bills are signed. I place at least two-thirds of the blame with the ignorant and arrogant Tea Party strangling the moderate Republicans and manipulating everyone into a horrible position. No one wins; all the citizens of the State of Minnesota lose because of a few Tea-pots.

Democracy is of, by, and for the people. Government is designed to represent the people against the corrupt, rich, and violent. An unfair tax system that favors the financially blessed only lines the pockets of the uber wealthy. The proposed budget for the State of Minnesota continues this unfair system. I wish that Governor Dayton’s approach would have been adopted but the Tea Party poisoned the negotiations. Too many innocent Minnesotans in the lower 98% of income will have to pay an awful price to benefit the upper 2%. Note: I know some folks in the upper 2% and they donate a lot but not all their peers do.

Pat Buchanan orchestrated the takeover and ruination of the Reform Party, which had been formed by Ross Perot. I was a member of that party because I don’t quite fit in the other two. The Independence Party tried to rise out of the ashes of the Reform Party but it never caught hold. This is most unfortunate because the Reform-Independence Party was moderate. I wish that it had become a viable third party instead of the Tea-idiots.

On the national level, the Tea Party is manipulating the Debt Limit Ceiling discussion. They have backed the Republican Party into an untenable position. The consequences could be catastrophic. I urge all American citizens to contact their Congressional Senators and Representative to tell them to get the ceiling raised ASAP.

Stop the Shutdown, but Smartly!
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