Monday, July 4, 2011


Lighting up the sky with lovely hues. I adore watching the beautiful forms float aloft. However, I despise the violent percussive boom of the explosion. It always makes me jump. I wear earplugs but the shock wave still hits me. The choking smell of the gunpowder smoke isn’t pleasant when you sit downwind. I feel exhausted after watching a fireworks show and my neck hurts.

I really hate it when civilians (my neighbors) blow off fireworks in their yard or on the street. One year the fools set fire to my boulevard grass because the weather was so dry. I had just turned onto our road when I saw the fire sweep across the boulevard and my neighbor run to stomp on it. I drove into my garage, yelled at him and used the hose to wash down the grass. It took several weeks for the grass to grow back. Little firecrackers blast off at all hours of the night for several days before the 4th of July and afterwards. Wakes me up when I am sleeping and my fan sucks in the smoke. When I was a kid the only fireworks I liked were the sparklers because they made a sizzling sound. Little did I know that they burn at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not a fan of watching parades. Perhaps I’ve marched in too many. The only exception is the nighttime Minneapolis Aquatennial Parade. I arrive early and sit with my back to the sun or in a shady location. Parades can be enjoyable when you go with someone or a group and pack a meal. The temperatures cool down and it’s interesting to watch the floats with lights. I have marched in all types of weather and been silly enough to attend evening parades during the winter (St. Paul Winter Carnival and Minneapolis Holidazzle). Watching a parade on tv is torture.

I’d much rather celebrate Independence Day by attending a barbeque with friends. It is blissful when the weather is 75-80 degrees with low humidity and a slight breeze. Few or no bugs make the event even better. I just want to chat with people I like, relax and watch nature. Summer is brief in Minnesota, so it’s important to enjoy every day.

Happy 4th!
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