Thursday, August 11, 2011


Different is good, strength in variety. No human is superior. Period. End of Discussion.

Domination due to gender, ethnicity, age, size, physical ability or genetic trait is hooey. Domination due to religion, class, county of origin, socio-economics or any other reason is stupid. No god(s) of any gender, religious or social leaders can say that one human is better than another. We are all unique. Unique is good. If we were the same, life would be boring. Let’s examine gender, first. The past is the past, I won’t rant about the systematic trampling of women’s rights for thousands of years.

Polygamy is usually one male and multiple women and still occurs today, even in America. That is oppression when it occurs in advanced* societies. It means that the one male is more important than the females. What a bunch of crap. Some sex-addicted man decided to justify his libido by stating that “God” had ordained that multiple wives were acceptable or that he is powerful as a leader and can be greedy. What a lie. If women were allowed to have multiple husbands, then perhaps I wouldn’t be so irritated. It’s about equity and basic human rights. If one male can have multiple spouses, so should I. Just because a male has gonads, does not make him superior to me. Females are not chattel (domesticated animal).

Genital mutilation is reprehensible. Castrating females is horrific. Many girls die after the procedure. It does not promote virginity; they are physically scarred and will not be able to enjoy sex. Many mutilated women die in childbirth. Male circumcision should only be done for medical purposes. During the Briss of my friend’s son, the Rabbi only pricked the foreskin with a pin for a drop of blood instead of removing it. Much more humane because babies feel pain.

Our genitalia exist for a reason, don’t mess with it unless there is a medical need or gender reassignment. Yes, some people are born in the wrong body. I know a several transgender and intrasex people and they are much happier after gradual transition and surgery.

I am shocked by the sexism that still occurs in music videos and popular culture, like reality tv. The females are nearly naked and usually in submissive postures. What is most appalling is when female singers or groups do it to themselves. Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance television shows regularly feature nearly naked women dancing with fully clothed men. I would not be bothered by the nearly naked women if the men are nearly naked too. I don’t give a crap if it’s the “standard for ballroom dancing” modernity is about equity. Let the women lead half the time, why must they always follow? This is the 21st Century of measured time, right??? I am repulsed that NBC will be airing a show about Playboy Bunnies this fall, how degrading!

Calling a mature woman “girl” is humiliating. My girlhood ended when puberty started. I became a “young lady” when my period began at the age of nine. I was a “young woman” during my teen years but I became a full-blown woman when I moved out of my parent’s home at the age of eighteen. Don’t ever refer to me as a girl. I don’t like the title “Miss” either. “Ms.” is more appropriate because marital status should not matter. I will never change my last name to my hubby’s because I am not his property. I’ll hyphen if he hyphens. I would be open to combining the letters of our names or creating a unique last name.

Equity matters,
Ms. Musing

NOTE: * = advanced society means that it is industrialized or exposed to “modernity.” I am not commenting on traditional societies where only the community leader is permitted several wives, that is a different situation.
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