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Scratching an internal itch is impossible. You cannot physically reach in and satisfy the horrid feeling. Yes, I am speaking of vaginal yeast infection. Gasp. It is much worse than any epidural skin itch. I was plagued with frequent infections during college, probably due to stress. Yeast is naturally occurring and generally does not pose a problem. However, the results are painful when it grows out of balance. It is always best to check with your physician before using an alternative healing method. I am writing about what works for me, it may not work for you.

Back in days of yon, a woman would have to visit the doctor, endure an uncomfortable procedure to obtain a sample from the vaginal wall, and wait for the results to show that yeast was present. You’d then have to procure a prescription and get it filled at the pharmacy. This process could take several days and the agony grew as the yeast organisms multiplied. Thankfully, the previously prescribed salve is now available Over The Counter but it is rather expensive. The next time you get the itch, buy the OTC treatment, use it, and keep the plastic applicator (it resembles the tube used to insert tampons). Wash the applicator and store it someplace. Inevitably you shall need it again.

Yogurt is good to eat but it might thwart a nasty yeast infection, in my opinion. A doctor informed me of this “folk remedy” because I was at the clinic so often during my 20s. This will sound gross but it works for me. Use plain yogurt, not greek-style, no flavors and especially no added fruit. Wash your hands. Fill the applicator with the plain yogurt (about two tablespoons) and inject the contents into your vaginal cavity. It works best when lying down and relaxing the muscles. Remove the applicator and wash it and your hands. Reapply every four hours, as needed. Healing depends upon how long it takes for the friendly microbes in the yogurt to eat the yeast. The yogurt is a bit cool from the refrigerator but it won’t cause harm internally.

Place a pad (sanitary napkin) on your underwear. A tampon will not work and would actually destroy the yogurt. A bit of the extra whey (clear fluid) from the yogurt and milk solids will accumulate on the pad. It is better there than leaking through your undies. Don’t change out the pad more than twice per day, otherwise it will dry out the yogurt and make it useless. Some of the solids will wash off when you urinate so don’t be surprised when pee looks milky. Yes, you will slightly smell of yogurt but it is better than itching. Even if I’m not itching during the evening I apply yogurt before bedtime so I don’t wake up wanting to scream. Another alternative is diluted vinegar, but I personally prefer yogurt.

Perhaps it’s due to the stress of unemployment but I have experienced several infections during the past year. Sometimes it only takes a couple applications for the yogurt treatment to work, but it may take two or three days. I eat the leftover yogurt with fruit. If I had a beau, he might find the yogurt flavor appealing…

Remember to always consult your physician, Medical Doctor, or clinic personnel before trying an alternative healing method. This blog does not constitute medical advice. I am not a medical doctor or medical professional. I am just writing about what works for me. You are responsible for your own actions.

Avoiding the itch.
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