Monday, April 16, 2012


Dynamic pieces by Alison Price and Richard Simonsen are displayed in their newly renovated space, Carbon/Chroma Gallery. A multitude of people gathered on a lovely spring evening to celebrate the Grand Opening. Wood torches blazed outside providing the former loading dock locale with the incense of a cozy campfire.

Industrial built work is Richard’s mode, top right is an example. He incorporates a lot of metal and wood with painting in dark and metallic tones. Some of the wood has been burned for extra texture. Alison’s artwork is evolving beyond her classic brightly hued paintings (see below) to include pumice and tiny glass bead overlays. They had been in a shared room with several other artists before deciding to venture into a two-person space. It will be interesting to see how these old friends influence each other.

The soiree’s nosh offered a wide array of Chow Girl Catering treats and desserts as well as a nicely stocked refreshment stand. Comfortable furniture was available for seating while viewing the terrific artwork. The well-attended opening was filled with happy people and background music.

A few days after their opening, Alison and Richard graciously hosted the Abide By It show featuring current Minnesota College of Art and Design students. MCAD’s Alexandra Worre, Sean Roth, Olivia Rodriguez, Arthur Nelson, Chelsea LaPorta, Chalres Knight, and Schuyler Huber filled the gallery with interesting furniture pieces. It is always exciting to watch an emerging artist develop his or her own unique style. The First Thursday at the Northrup King Building is a relaxed method of viewing artwork without the pell-mell of Art-A-Whirl. The artists are more inclined to chat since they are not being inundated with patrons.

Carbon/Chroma Gallery is open by appointment, first Thursday evening of every month, and during the Art-A-Whirl Art Crawl. Located at Dock 7 (Gallery 192) of the Northrup King Building situated at 1500 Jackson Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413. Richard Simonsen can be reached at 952-933-6911 or Contact Alison Price at 612-805-1886 or Alison has been highlighted in blog postings on January 9th & 11th, and February 16th.

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