Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dividing a hosta plant I felt a small twinge in my left buttock as I stomped on the shovel a couple weeks ago. Mmm, I’ll have a sore muscle for a few days. Wrong! I somehow irritated or pinched my sciatic nerve. It is the most intense pain that I have ever encountered besides back pain after an automobile accident and being bitten by a dog. The excruciating ache starts in my left bum and radiates down through my thigh to end at the midpoint of my calf.

I had heard complaints about this pain before but didn’t understand its depth of agony. I cannot sit for very long but standing and walking is even more painful. Lying down is the only comfortable position for my leg but not for the rest of my body or brain while awake. The pain has even woken me up at night. Aspirin dulls the discomfort. I don’t want to overload my body on painkillers because it can cause other problems. My kidneys don’t like Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen anymore.

I began to feel better and helped at a faith-community event, silly me. I was nearly immobile the next day. I have many tasks to do but they are on hold until I heal. I really need to add mulch to my native perennial flower garden. Rake the lawn, mow, clean up the raspberry patch, and prepare the vegetable garden raised bed for plants. Now that it is getting warmer I can complete the closet floor and patch the basement walls. Heavy sigh, so many chores to finish before summer arrives.

Consulted for information since it is a reliable website. There isn’t much that can be done for this type of injury except inactivity and pain blockers. I’d like to try acupuncture because that worked very well on my back injury. However, I do not have the funds for several sessions due to a feline emergency.

Anxiety heightened because Zozo developed an eye irritation. Her right eye was teary for two days and then it turned pink with a mucus discharge. I called several places but I could not locate low-cost or sliding-fee scale veterinary care. Distressing to watch her suffer but worried about the money for a check-up and medication. However, I could not risk the infection becoming worse and had to pay. Her health and happiness is my responsibility. The antibiotic-drops worked because her eye is no longer infected. I know that cats are a luxury but they are very helpful for my emotional well-being. Argh, it sucks being poor and in pain.

Enjoy good health.
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