Sunday, November 25, 2012


Sore nose, aching abdominal muscles, half-used Kleenexes laying about the house. Four weeks of suffering from malingering allergies is tedious. I have regular coughing fits and blow cloudy mucus from my nose. I know I don’t have a cold because the snot would be yellow or green if it were a virus.

Due to a dreadfully limited income (part-time work with no benefits), which drains my savings account each month despite a Scrooge-like budget, I keep the house cool. 54 degrees Fahrenheit cool. The cats are puffed up most of the time and huddle against me for warmth when I sit on the couch. However, it lowers my heating bill. I qualify for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program but it only helps with the bill for one month of the winter. Minnesota winters are considerably longer than one month. I delayed turning on the boiler until two weeks ago. Anyway, the cool air seems to aggravate my coughing.

I only take decongestants when I arrive at work. The non-drowsy version still makes me a bit loopy and tired but at least I don’t have to blow my nose all the time and it wears off before I have to drive home. I continue to seek full-time work so that I can afford to see a doctor for the first time in over three years, increase the temperature of my home, and heal my chapped nose. Unfortunately, few jobs are offered or placed from now until mid-January. I hope my budget lasts that long. If you wish to help, please send your gift to Thank you ever so much!!

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