Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Cash Mob St Paul MN (CMSPM) was formed in July 2012 because of my personal commitment to where I choose to reside (Twin Cities East Metro). Inspired by Cash Mob Minneapolis (which is currently on hiatus until a new coordinator is located), I wanted to rally kindred spirits to assist East Metro entrepreneurs. No agenda, neither hidden plans nor political bent (that is relegated to my blog). Just plain and simple: civic duty. We are not a marketing tool of a for-profit public relations firm. Spending money at a local merchant is more likely to have a positive financial impact on the community rather than having the profit sent to some faraway place. Please join us at www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Cash-Mob-St-Paul-MN/297499490345966

Cash Mobs define local businesses as independently owned with fewer than three storefronts and not affiliated with a franchise, chain store, or serve as a distributor for a larger corporation. The business must either be a brick & mortar storefront or else an online entrepreneur who resides in the East Metro. Non-durable goods are disqualified. The business must offer physically portable products. We prefer businesses that sell locally manufactured goods or procure supplies within fifty miles of the metro area. East Metro area of the Twin Cities Minnesota is delineated within the geographical boundaries of Ramsey, Washington, and Dakota (northern half) counties.

Honored to be highlighted by the media for our efforts. The St. Paul Pioneer Press article by Frederick Melo http://www.twincities.com/stpaul/ci_21356737/cash-mob-set-strike-university-avenue-businesses-wednesday (Section A, Page 4, Above the Fold!!) brought a lot of new members. The online site, The Line Media, published Anna Pratt’s article http://thelinemedia.com/devnews/stpaulcashmob100312.aspx and increased membership. If you have seen us mentioned anywhere else, please let me know. Thrilled that our efforts have motivated other Cash Mob-esq groups to be formed. The more the merrier!!

It is encouraging that our group is growing in number. I’ve noticed that many people will RSVP for an event but not officially “Like” our mob. That is fine but it’s nice when people join because Facebook will advertise our group more frequently when we are considered to be popular. What is discouraging is when people RSVP and then don’t show up for an event. That is impolite behavior. I’d prefer it if the person would mark “Maybe” on their RSVP and then visit the store on another occasion. Due to the large number of no-shows we will no longer be highlighting eating establishments. I don’t like sitting at a table alone.

Overall, the businesses have had a positive response. It is important for our members to self-identify as Cash Mob participants when they make their purchase. That way the entrepreneur can keep track of our impact on their establishment. Sadly, our efforts were not enough to keep Something New in the Park open. It closed its doors at the end of December and will be missed.

It takes a lot of time to maintain an online-based group. I research every business before an event is scheduled. I have to check our Facebook page several times per week and respond to messages. I write updates for the blog and spend an inordinate amount of time advertising the group and events. The Worldwide Web is immense and it’s difficult to get noticed. I am not prepared to strip off my clothes, paint on my body the words “Join Cash Mob St Paul MN” and film myself to post on You Tube. I’ll do a lot but I do have boundaries…

Please be so kind as to join our group, attend our events, and share us with your connections. I am seeking a co-coordinator for the group. Please send me a message via the Cash Mob St Paul MN page and we can meet for coffee.

Looking forward to a mob-filled 2013!
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