Sunday, December 9, 2012


My parents would indulge us kids with a visit to a restaurant for our birthday. I usually requested the Lavender Inn, situated in Faribault even though it was a long drive. We would walk into an airy entryway and be warmly welcomed by the proprietors. They would take us to either a dark-paneled beautifully decorated room or upstairs to a dining hall with windows. I preferred the bright upstairs room but sometimes it was closed for a private party. The waitresses wore rather ridiculous lavender uniforms but the service and food were exceptional. Sadly, Lavender Inn has closed but it set a high standard for fine dining. Their garlic toast was perfection.

Recently, my friends and I ventured to Jensen’s Supper Club located at 3840 Sibley Memorial Hwy, Eagan (651) 688-7969, on the frontage road just off the Hwy 13 & 77-Cedar Avenue interchange. We were greeted by friendly hosts and escorted to our table. The waiter was attentive (except for forgetting one person’s drink) despite the busy night. While we waited for the rest of the group to arrive we received small trays of raw vegetables to nibble upon.

We split appetizers of crab cakes, which were rather bland. The warm popover served with the salad was terrific; I only wish that they had brought more popovers for consumption. The menu is a carnivore’s delight. My friends treated me to prime rib. It was tender, juicy and flavorful. The accompanying beef au jus was excellent. Rather surprised that sides were not included with the entrée but the price was appropriate for the portion.

We shared several desserts. Crème Brule was wonderful and served cold; I prefer it to be room temperature or slightly warmed. It would be nice if the waiter asked what temperature was ideal. The raspberry sorbet was refreshingly light. The chocolate mousse was disappointing flat in tone; it could use a couple types of chocolate to add layers of flavor. Turtle cheesecake was the clear winner. It was thick and creamy. One slice was enough for three people.

Our group departed with full tummies and smiles. The building is modern but the interior decorations are rather garish, simplification would be a benefit. It is awkward to pass through a crowded entryway while making way to the bathroom. It would have been nice to have piano music playing in the background to make the place a bit classier.

FOUR FORKS = Very Good

I love leftovers!
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