Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Perhaps this could be the “gap-ola” issue…

Be Safe I Love You by Cara Hoffman Three and a Half Worms
Frank study of a wounded warrior who returns home. Jumping though time needed more clarification and the story could have been fleshed out deeper.

And The Hills Opened Up by David Oppegaard Three Worms
Western horror story, be prepared for casualties. Story seemed more like a movie sketch; it really needed more character development and situational analysis. Map would have been helpful, too.

Marshlands by Mathew Olshan Three Worms
Intriguing beginning of the book muddied by missing details. Time leaps were confusing; perhaps a different order would of worked better.

The Vanishing by Wendy Webb Three Worms
Fairly well written mystery but has some gaps. Nice visual details of landscape. Needed a better-detailed map of the house and grounds.

Palmerino by Melissa Prichard Two and Half Worms
Pretentious and insufferable main character is mixed in with ghost memoir and writers process. Could have been great with more clarity and polished thoughts.

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