Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I am so exhausted. I don’t have the time or energy to volunteer anywhere now. I have to be selfish to survive. I can’t focus externally because my internal is too tense and I am the proverbial “stretched too thin.” I have to work two jobs, care for two cats, and maintain a home. I have too much fear. Fear that if I share anything else, I will cease to function.

I felt terrible informing my volunteer position(s) supervisors that I have to take a hiatus. Thankfully, they understand. I feel rather sad, though, because I wanted to help during the summer floods and presidential visit. I am compelled to aid others but I am the one needing assistance now. I am desperate for a better paying job. I have been in this terrible situation for five long years and several months. I am so over it. I wasn’t materialistic before so I don’t know why I have had to endure this experience.

Due to my lack of time and mental fuel, I have been blogging less. I don’t know if I should persist. If you think that I should continue, please leave a comment. More importantly, urge your friends, family, and others to become regular readers. Without an audience, this blog is worthless.

Thanks for reading!
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Please continue!