Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Disaster is inevitable. It isn’t a question of if but when. Are you ready? Each of us has the responsibility to prepare as much as possible. I have a week’s worth of food and water stored in my downstairs closet (I use and replace the items before they expire). Plus, I have food and litter for the cats. I have a responsibility to take care of them. They are utterly helpless since they don’t know how to hunt or turn on a faucet. Three days supply is the minimum but I prefer to have at least a week for four people since I may have guests staying at the time.

It is great to coordinate with your neighbors to take care of needs if quarantine would occur. Perhaps one neighbor could serve as the medical resource, another person as the mechanical resource, etcetera. I am fortunate to have two nurses, two “handy” persons, and a computer expert on my block. We know each other’s names and phone numbers. We support each other. It is better to get to know each other when there isn’t a stressful situation occurring. I made certain that I knew my neighbors when I lived in an apartment building, too.

It is important to have items ready for evacuation. I have a go-kit for myself and prepared one for the cats with a litter box, litter, pooper-scooper, plastic bags, food, water, and carrying case. I do need to obtain a foldable cage for them. A good source for information is the American Red Cross at or I also carry an emergency kit in the trunk of my car in case I should come upon an accident. Last year, I watched as a car was struck and flipped onto its roof. Thankfully, the driver wasn’t hurt badly but I had the first aid kit available.

Be ready at all times.
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