Thursday, March 11, 2010


What would I do if I won a million dollars, after taxes, I guess that I’d really have to procure 2.5 million so that I could bank one million. Mmm.

· $100,000 towards charity. I favor education since that can’t be taken away from the recipient. Half towards rural kids in the USA to attend college and half towards girls in income-restricted countries to receive at least a basic education (6th grade equivalent).
· $100,000 to establish an educational endowment fund for my nieces, nephews, and generations of their offspring. If they have already procured a college degree or certificate, $10,000 will go towards a Roth IRA in their name. If all members of our family expire, the funds will be equally divided between the charities.
· $100,000 towards my parent’s retirement. They did not save adequately while working.
· $100,000 for my sibling’s mental health. They need good counselors.
· $100,000 towards the education of my friend’s children.
· $110,000 to pay off my house.
· $90,000 to repair and rehabilitate my house.
· $100,000 towards my retirement.
· $100,000 for travel, I want to see more of the world.
· $100,000 for a rainy day. It always rains…
· All unused funds will go into the educational endowment fund.

Imagine - millions or billions!
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