Friday, December 3, 2010


Not the venomous snake, though the animosity between members of the US Congress causes them to hiss at each other. COBRA extends health care benefits when you depart from your employer. My health care benefits were ended at my full time job of four years when the position was cut to part time during the summer of 2009. Thankfully, the Economic Stimulus subsidized the cost of health care insurance and made it affordable for me.

Unfortunately, the subsidy has ended for me and now I have to pay $480 each month for health/dental care insurance causing a conundrum. It is a horrible gamble; if I don’t have insurance and I get hurt the financial result could be catastrophic; or, if I do buy the expensive insurance I will drain down my savings faster, which will cause financial catastrophe. I am afraid to be without health/dental care insurance since illness and accidents occur.

I could purchase bare bones insurance but it costs around $250 and actually is a better bargain to keep paying in to my former employer. My COBRA plan expires in the spring of 2011 so I’ll be forced to obtain the bare bones version at that time anyway, if I can afford it. It would be greatly appreciated if the US Congress would extend COBRA benefits beyond 16 months and reinstate the subsidy. Eventually, the national health care revisions passed earlier this year will fill this gap but that plan isn’t available now.

I hope that the US Congress extends Unemployment Benefits for those who have been unemployed for 99+ weeks, too. I have sent out nearly 100 resumes since July and had one in-person interview (got declined). It is irritating that corporations are posting huge profits and refusing to hire. Don’t they realize that they are stressing out their current employees? Lining the pockets of the ultra-wealthy is causing a lot of anger. I think that is one reason why the Tea Party and radical groups are becoming more popular. Fear causes anger, which is a fierce motivator.

I choose an attitude of gratitude to stave off the fear and anger.
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