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Four worms is top rating. Five is perfection but that is rarely attained.

“Oyster: History on the Half Shell” four worms, written by Mark Kurlansky; gets a bit histrionic in the middle (aka bland) otherwise quite interesting
“Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” three and a half worms, authored by Lisa See; a few logic issues but well written
“The Eight” three worms, authored by Katherine Neville; the last third of the book should have been expanded into a second novel. Understanding the game of chess helps the reader.
“Shutter Island” three worms, by Dennis Lehane; not quite accurate regarding mental illness. Learn the facts at
“Nemesis” three worms, by Philip Roth; Cantor character starts well and then stalls
“Absent a Miracle” two and a half worms, by Christine Lehrer; too many tangents that did not intersect
“Venetia Kelly’s Traveling Show” two and a half worms; by Frank Delaney; too many digressions and the main character would have hired a private detective regardless of cost
“Hero of Our Time” two worms, by Mikhail Lermontov; the scenery descriptions are excellent. Maybe something was lost in translation to English
NOTE: Four Worms is the highest rating for this group.

One of my peeves is when an author hurries an ending of the book. I am sure it is at the request of the editor but it ruins the tempo of the novel. The descriptions are cut short and the character development ends. I’d rather have a book divided into two or three volumes rather than rush the end. “The Eight” which was published in 1988 is a perfect example; either edit out the extraneous stuff in the first part of the book or else expand the final chapters.

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