Wednesday, February 23, 2011


No, I shan’t be murdering my nephews. Our family has neither title nor property (land, valuables or cash). I’m just frustrated with the job search. It has been over seven months and I am anxious to work full time. I have sent out nearly 150 resumes and only garnered two in-person interviews. Ugh!

I am glad to have a computer at home, which was given to me by my best friend, Annie. Dial-up is slow but at least I have access to job search sites. I get to visit lots of interesting websites since postings seem to be listed on 100+ sites instead of 99% of them being in the Sunday newspaper. Too many hours sitting at the keyboard to do the same research an hour with the newspaper would have accomplished – grrrr. What a waste of time and energy.

I am grateful for time to devote to projects. The yard sleeps under a couple feet of snow so I can focus on inside chores when I am not shoveling. I want to organize stuff and do more air seepage insulation to keep out the cold. I have the supplies but it always takes a lot of time to figure out exactly what needs to be done, prepare, do it, and clean up. Inevitably, the task always takes myriad times as long as the original estimate. There is always something to clean or sort. If I get enough chores completed, I can get back to doing artwork. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on a creative project. I also want to read more books.

I have time to support Mitch. He finished alcoholism treatment in December and continued to attend weekly AA meetings. Besides gatherings of our group of friends, we have gotten together a couple times. He surprised me the other day by calling and initiating a meeting for coffee/tea. In the 20 some years that I have known Mitch, this is a rare occurrence. I look forward to our meeting! His partner, Peter, seems to be okay but I check in with him too. I am still a bit stunned that Mitch is an alcoholic and I that totally clueless. Friends are my family of choice since my biological family is not supportive. I am blessed to have some good friends, even though several reside out of the area.

Anticipating spring and a job.
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