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This is the second posting regarding a method to improve communication within the US Congress. Please read the first blog "Congress: Build A Home" for background information. Thanks!

Urge your members of Congress to dedicate several shifts at the Habitat for Humanity House in Washington DC during the current session.

To learn the name of your Representative and both Senators, visit (sponsored by League of Women Voters). Call, write a letter, send an email, send a fax, or visit them in person. It is good to use at least two forms of communication to send your message. Be polite, brief, and let them why you care that they participate in the Congress Build A Home project

Let other folks know about this effort to increase communication amongst member of Congress in a positive effort. The future of the United States depends upon the relationships of our public servants. I want my Representative and Senators to find common ground with others.

Actively engage in your community. You can assist at a Habitat for Humanity home or another charity of your choice. Lots of great opportunities are located at the;; and websites. Not all nonprofits are listed on the Internet so just call a nonprofit and ask for the person who works with volunteers. Then, inform your Congress-members that you are building the community through volunteering. Some people refer to it as civic engagement or in school they may call it service learning.

#4 DONATE FUNDS (after the project is finalized)
Visit the website for a variety of options.
Or, donate directly through the Network for Good website. Make certain that you use the “Program Designation” box for “Congress Home” to ensure the funds go directly toward this effort. You can call the DC Habitat office at 202-882-4600 ext 232 for specific information.

If for some reason members of Congress do not follow through on this effort, all funds raised will be added to the general fund of DC Habitat to build homes for deserving families. Make certain that you note this second option when donating; this project has not been finalized, yet.
NOTE: If you are unable to donate, that is fine, it is more important to personally contact members of Congress.

When they actually start working on the home, make certain that you let them know that you are proud of their efforts. We will applaud all members of Congress who fulfill their shift requirement. Praise is good!

Thank you for your participation in this effort.
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