Monday, May 2, 2011


I cannot celebrate his death. Osama Bin Laden was an evil person who financed, organized and inspired others to do acts of violence. Cowards use violence. They are too weak to utilize ethical political methods (like democracy) or diplomacy to achieve their goals.

Death is too easy of a punishment. Lifetime imprisonment would have been better. The Hague would have provided an international trial. Al-Qaeda members have killed and harmed people around the world. Bin Laden was their commander in chief but their “army” has split into many units worldwide. The death of this one man will neither bring back the thousands of civilians killed, injured in body and mind nor heal the multitude of people who care about those who were harmed. Military deaths and injuries are sad too but at least they knew it was a possibility when they joined (yes, I am a member of a military family).

It is imperative to completely uphold every article of the Geneva Conventions. These guidelines (conventions and protocols) protect our troops and civilians. Al-Qaeda may not fall under the auspices of a singular country, but they are an organized group. Send all Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp prisoners to The Hague’s International Criminal Court for a proper trial.

Peace requires strength.
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