Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Meow-lish, aka the language of felines which humans understand, aka how they train us to do their bidding. Tillie is a year old muted calico-Norwegian forest cat who has taught me her version of meowlish. Tillie likes to look out the kitchen window, which she is technically forbidden to view since it would involve walking on the kitchen counter. Yuck, I know where her paws have been (litter box). Thus, when she gives the “pick me up” meow I dutifully lift her into my arms so that she can view the activities in the back yard for a few minutes.

One morning she asked and I picked her up. Her paws were wet, how odd. I had not spilled anything and she actually had not tipped over the water bowl that morning. Where was there moisture? A couple inches of rain had fallen the day before on frozen ground so I suspected the basement. Living in a nearly 100 year old house is wonderful but one persistent issue is water seeping in. Alas, Tillie had walked through a stream of water in the basement. No big deal, I just cleaned up the water, turned on the fans and dehumidifier. Thank you Ms. Kitty.

A couple weeks later I cleaned the toilet. Not my favorite chore. The phone rang just as I finished. I dashed off to answer it. About five minutes later I was walking back to the bathroom when I heard happy kitty sounds. Oh, oh. I walked in to find Tillie in the Toilet. Tail in the air and all four paws happily splashing away. She had found a new puddle. Oh bother!

I started laughing and could not yell at her. It was my fault. I picked her up, washed her paws in the sink and cleaned up the water that she had spilled on the toilet seat and floor. Since then every time I open the toilet seat she rushes over and looks in. I have to shoo her away or she would probably jump in. Exasperation. All hopes of toilet training the cats are now dashed. Tillie will always want to play in the puddle and won’t care if she and Zozo have pee’d or poo’d in the water. Ugh.

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More tales to come with Toilet Tillie.
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