Monday, October 10, 2011


Love and hate entertaining simultaneously. I have to clean, set up the place, prepare food, prepare myself, provide the party, and then clean up while exhausted. Thankfully, people remain on the first floor so I can ignore the upstairs and basement. I prefer company during the summer because we can sit outside, weather permitting. Let the ants and critters eat the crumbs instead of having them scattered throughout the house. Adults can be just as messy as children.

The house transforms into an oven facilitated by hot weather due to lack of air conditioning. During late August I had about a dozen people over since friends were visiting from out of town. We were able to sit out under the oak tree; the only problem was the acorns falling. I had to warn people that they might get knocked by an acorn or bit of husk from a squirrel munching above. We really needed umbrellas to shield ourselves but at least no one became angry when a husk fell into their drink or food. A few years ago a squirrel would purposely chuck acorns at dogs and humans. It zapped me numerous times. It had really good aim but either died or moved on.

I have to clean extra when people stay overnight. A single person can use the guest bedroom on first floor. Couples have to use the master bedroom upstairs so I have to clean second floor, too. Whenever my parents visit, I clean intensively. My mom was a domestic worker for many years so she is picky about cleanliness. I strive but never seem to get it clean enough. My worst downfall is paperwork. As a result, the office is chaotic. I can never keep it in order no matter how much I file. I really need a cabinet to organize my items instead of using boxes. I haven’t had very many overnight guests since my shower quit working, no one wants to take a bath and I can’t afford a plumber right now.

Socializing takes a lot of energy. As a geek, I have to really concentrate on the interactions of humans. It is so blasted complicated and I often make mistakes. I’ve learned not to be too controlling during a gathering. It is just best to not regulate people. One friend, Peter, likes refreshments and sweets. It is not unusual for him to have three types of drinks and four desserts in front of him. I endeavor not to criticize his greed. Sweets are his weakness but he should wait until everyone has had a taste before he indulges in seconds, thirds, and etcetera.

A current complication is the fixing of the spare room closet on second floor. I made a huge mess to complete the task. Ugh. This DIY project is taking much longer than expected and I don’t know when I’ll complete the task. Of course, my parents are visiting soon. Plus, I need to haul in plants from outside before the frost nips and freeze kills them. I have to clean up the office to make room for the plants since the window faces south. A homeowners and gardeners job is never done. I’m a better guest than host.

Invite me, please.
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