Monday, October 31, 2011


I am a skeptic. Almost all encounters 99.99% with “ghosts” can be logically explained without involving paranormal activity, please refer to the blog posted on October 26th. However, I have encountered a few unexplainable instances.

The first occurred when I was about seven. My teenaged sister had received an Ouiga Board for Christmas. She soon tired of it and placed it in the abandoned toy area of the basement. The pointer has always moved on its own for me so I got out the board. I thought it was funny and probably due to subconscious urges to spell out certain words. It started spelling mean words and phrases. I didn’t like it so I walked away; when I looked back I saw a dark shadow emerge from the Board. I packed up the game and hid it; I didn’t want bad stuff coming into the house.

During college, some of my dorm friends wanted to use an Ouija Board so I dug it out of the basement and brought it to campus. I refused to play with the game and warned them of the dark shadow. They laughed and played with it anyway. I went back to my room to study; within an hour they knocked at my door and threw the board at me. It brought in something negative to their dorm room. I went to the room and I saw a dark image sitting near the couch, which then slipped out the window. The residents of the room brought in a preacher to bless the space and pray for me. That was creepy, both the dark shadow and the minister speaking “in tongues.” I haven’t touched an Ouija since then and destroyed the old board since my sister didn’t want it.

If the “spirit” isn’t neutral, then the haunting falls into the category of angel or demon. The argument continues that if you believe in angels, you must also believe in demons. I know that positive and negative energy exist but I don’t think that “God” or the “Devil” control it. I’ve encountered the negative shadows brought in by the Ouiga but only one poltergeist. A friend of mine lived in a big renovated barn. We were in Junior High School and Donna’s family was having a rummage tag sale in their garage, located in the other half of the barn. She wanted to show off something in her room to me, I was about to walk up the stairs to their home when something dark oozed out the front door. I froze at the bottom of the stairway and knew that I should not go in. I told Donna, she was irritated but didn't press me to enter. I learned the next year that they had been dealing with a full-throttle poltergeist. The spirit moved items, made noises and smells. The local priest had blessed the home but only got stuff thrown at him. A special team of Archdiocese priests had to come from the Twin Cities to bless the house and talk with her elder sibling. The older sister was having emotional issues and the priests concluded that the poltergeist was feeding off her excess energy. After their intervention, the problems ceased.

These encounters are atypical. As I stated before, most people mistake hauntings for electromagnetic memory images imprinted upon a place or object. The possibility of a real ghostly spirit is virtually nonexistent (pun intended). The barn poltergeist and a couple other odd instances are the only unexplainable experiences of my entire life. Perhaps I'll write about those phenomonon at another time.

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