Wednesday, October 26, 2011


WoooOOOooo! Don Knotts in “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” encounters bumps in the night, creaky floors, and odd sounds which make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. He concludes that there must be Paranormal Activity in the mansion. Not! Almost every instance that anyone reports can be explained logically. It is a hilarious film, though.

Most “ghosts” are merely electro-magnetic (EM) imprints. Humans are energized bags of water; a weak EM field surrounds us (our aura), which becomes stronger during times of high emotion. Perhaps the EM leaves an imprint in a place. Somehow the space absorbs a bit of the energy. Some people are sensitive to the EM imprints. What they think is a ghost is actually a memory of what occurred in that location. Like watching a few seconds of silent film flickering on a wall.

I think that ghosts are possible but exceedingly uncommon, approximately .01% of the time. Ghost implies that it is a Sentient Being aware that it is nonphysical and conscious of current conditions. More likely “it” is caught in some type of purgatory where it can latch onto physical items in current time but not really aware of the situation. Maybe it is a feedback loop, parallel universe, or time-space-continuum issue. Perhaps a theoretical physicist will explain the phenomenon someday.

If it is a sentient being, it is probably neutral. My best friend during high school, Mike, lived on a farm. I had visited numerous occasions and oftentimes we would be alone (no hanky panky since he was gay and I was saving myself for marriage). Anyway, we were watching a videotape one night and in the next room I saw two baseball sized balls of light bouncing around. No one else was home and no pets. I calmly asked him what was causing the lights. He said it was probably the ghost of the person who died in that room just before they bought the house. It would show up once in a while but never bothered anyone. I wasn’t afraid; I went into the room and watched them bounce around for a while. It was much more interesting than the movie.

More ghost stories later...

Happy Haunting.
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