Sunday, July 29, 2012


Rock and a Hard Place is outmoded so I choose the hardest natural substance on earth, diamond. I have been crushed between diamonds during three years of underemployment and unemployment. I sent out 587 applications and failed 34 interviews (not including telephone conversations and online questionnaires). My savings are dwindling and I am feeling panicked. Wish that I had some diamonds to sell.

Reluctantly, I accepted a part time job with no benefits. It does not pay my bills so I must continue to search for a better compensation full time position with benefits. I know how to do the job but lack enthusiasm. The previous person in the position didn’t leave a good trail of what to do so I’m struggling with crumbs. The files are a mess as well as the computer. She never deleted one email while she was working, full time. Of course, there are urgent tasks to do but I don’t know how to do them because no hints were left. Heck, she didn’t even let me know the code for the telephone. I had to wait for her to email it to me so that I could retrieve the messages.

I share the tiny office with another person and there is no window. The only office in the building with no window. The worst element is that the boss isn’t very communicative. He seems nice but just doesn’t talk. He’s gone most of the time and I feel lost. Plus, it is more than ten miles from home with lousing parking. My car gets bad mileage so the driving eats up part of my meager paycheck. I will have to continue to visit the food-shelf just to eat since the garden is only now starting to bloom.

I’m frustrated and a bit angry with myself that I was desperate enough to accept this post. I struggle to maintain a positive attitude. My co-worker has praised me but I haven’t had any feedback from my supervisor. I view it as a temporary occupation until I find a better position though I am officially underemployed again. It’s easier to find a job when you have a job, yeah-yeah-yeah. Just hire me damn it. I’d be profoundly happy making $75,000 per year but would be thrilled with half that amount. Meanwhile, if you’d be so kind to help me survive financially please send your gift to Thank you ever so much!!

Hire me.
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