Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Glorious Eat Street features an impressive array of restaurants. I have dined several times at Krugthep Thai (Bangkok Thai Deli #2) and always consumed tasty entrees. The restaurant is located at 2523 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, 55404 with phone number (612) 874-7721. Street parking is difficult so we usually park on a side street and walk over to the venue.

The space is simple and not crowded. Sometimes music is playing softly in the background. The waiters are knowledgeable but rather aloof. They quickly refill water glasses but you have to call them over for other attention. The food is prepared quickly and from fresh ingredients. Portion size is very good.

We started with the chicken satay. It was a bit bland but the meat was tender. Papaya Salad is absolutely fabulous. Crunchy, savory, and spicy, yum! Spicy Noodle was a wonderful combination of flavors and heat. I like three chilies of heat, equivalent to medium. Makes my nose run and a little extra sweat. I usually order a sweet coconut Thai Ice Tea, which helps to squelch the oil from the Thai chili peppers. Stir-Fried Rama and Red Curry are nice but the flavor is a bit flat. Masamun Curry is perfection. It has zest, texture, and looks too beautiful to eat. Larb is good but I would pass on the tripe (shredded intestines), they remind me of worms. Special Pho soup is complicated with a lot of flavor but also contains tripe. I’m certain that you can ask for tripe-free dishes.

The restroom is tiny and clean. Entryway is a good double door but the newspaper stands make it rather crowded. I wish that they had an outdoor patio. A solid four forks out of five for this very good restaurant!

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