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You are cordially invited to attend the premiere event on Thursday, July 19th sponsored by Cash Mob St Paul MN! We will be meeting at 6pm before venturing into Something New In The Park, located at 2301 Como Avenue, Suite 101, St Paul, MN 55108. It is at the corner of Como and Doswell Avenues in the St. Anthony Park area of St. Paul, near the State Fairgrounds and University of Minnesota-St. Paul Campus.

Street parking is available and on the bus-line. We’ll meet outside the Speedy Market, kitty corner from the shop. Please meet us at 6pm outside the market (weather permitting), bring $20 cash, and wear green (optional). We’ll walk together as a group to Something New, which is situated in the basement of their building. If you arrive late, just join us at the shop.

Something New In The Park features all types of arts, crafts, and clothing created by nearly 100 local artisans. There is a large price range but you will easily locate nifty item(s) for $20. Please bring cash but its okay to charge if you obtain a larger priced item. Sue Rohricht, proprietor, is enthused about being selected for the first mob of good. Please join our Facebook page, bring friends and family along, the more the merrier!

http://www.somethingnewinthepark.wordpress.com/ or call 651-646-2423 for information about the local artists gift shoppe. Our venture is coinciding with special activities in the neighborhood, Park B4 Dark in St. Anthony Park including Something New Sidewalk Demos:
* Make your own Necklace with Cindy Sprieter and Marilyn Isaacson
* Calligraphy demo with Gloria Cooper
* Collage demo with Ann Sisel

Artists Displaying at Something New:

Angie Renee – Pottery

Ann Sisel – Painting, tiles

Audrey Henningson – Wearable Art, clothing

Becky Warn – Copper and polymer clay leaf jewelry

Beverly Golberg – Katherine is Wired Earrings

Bonnie Stockhaus – Jewelry

Candy Kuehn – Dyed Textiles, clothing, hats, scarves

Carisa Andersen – Crochet and Knit, headbands, chokers, bags

Carole Crandall – Mixed Media Jewelry

Cherie Burke – Mixed Media Mosaics, Painting, Drawing

Christy Lovelie – Budha Statues on Silk Framed Photography

Cindy Spreiter – Beaded Jewelry

Claire O’Connor – Pottery

Claire Thoen – Scandinavian Cards and Paintings

Courtney Oleen – Pottery and Prints

Cyndi Caughron – Mosaics and Spinscape Interactive Art

Deb Ripp – Collage

Don Bendickson – Water Color Painting

Donna Miliotis – Pottery

Doug Carlson – Oil Painting

Elizabeth J. Kennedy – Jewelry, Jasper

Elizabeth Kirby – Jewelry, Youth Artist

Eve Brown – Origami, Cards

Gerie Thelen – Functional Glass Art

Gloria Cooper – Calligraphy

Haley Smith – Textiles, Purses

Helen Subialka – Mixed Media, Textile Sun Prints, Mobiles

Holly Jordan – Mosaic Jewelry

Jacinda Shields – Textiles, Bags, Bibs, Stuffed Animals

Jan Geisen – Polymer Clay Jewelry

Jane Fiala – Digital Photo Painting

Jane Strauss – Photography

Jean Manns – Photography, Cards

Jean Sassor – Crochet and Knit, bags, scarves

Jenny von Reuter – Felting

Jeramy Jensen – Painting

Jim Holmes – Photography

Joan Laux – Photo Cards

John Hanson – Wood Turning

John Thompson – Wood Turning and Carving

Joseph Giannetti – Painting

Judy Payne – Textiles, Weaving and Felting

Julie Gottesleben – Jewelry

Julie Dent – Collage

Karen Hanna – Glass Art, Frames, Angels, Ornaments

Kathleen Hartzler – Seamstress, Embellished Girl’s Dresses

Kathy Kilian – Jewlery

Kathy Powers Copper Bird Feeders

Kris MacDonald – Mixed Media, Calligraphy, Triptychs

Laura Soetebie – Textile, Hats, Scarves, Pins

Laurel Gregorian – Painting and Photography

Lois Ann Helgeson – Porcelain Pottery

Lori Harris – Dichroic Glass, Jewelry, Night Lights

Lynn Soetebie – Jewelry, Hand worked Silver

Marc Lamm – Wood Turning

Marilyn Isaacson – Jewelry

Marlys Brovald – Aroma Therapy Pillows

Mary Azzouzi – Repurposed Wearable Cashmere Creations

Meg Erke – Coptic and Belgian Book Binding

Megan Moore – Painting

Merrali Benson – All Natural Solid Fragrance Art, Balms, Air Fresheners, Soaps

Miriah E Van Duuren – Pen and Ink, Cards

Nikki Butcher – Pen and Ink, Framed Art

Pam Ziegenhagen-Shefland – Dyed and Embellished Clothing, Found Bits Jewelry

Patricia Rosenberg - All Natural Soaps

Paul Winger – Photography

Paulette Salo – Acrylic Painting

Philip Cordes – Free Air Painted Fleece Clothing

Rachel Koski– Native American Dream Catchers

Rebecca Kirby – Jewelry,Youth Artist

Robin Edgerton – Mixed Media,Transformed Functional Art

Roxanne Rutter – Heart-focused Healing/Transformation Theme Cards

Russ Scott – Wood Carver

Ruth Weleczki – Mixed Media, Collage

Shelley Sloan – Beaded Jewelry, Light Catchers

Shilpa Gokaldas – Acrylic Painting

Shirley K. Doyle – Photography, Cards

Sonia Ellis –Knitting, Hats, Scarves

Sue Rohricht – Mixed Media

Sue Swanson – Prayer Beads, Jewelry

Susan Day – Textiles, Wearable Art

Susan Kosharek – Whimsical repurposed furniture, bird houses, mixed media

TSE (Multimple Artists)– Fire Starters and Garden Stones, non-profit

Xan Laurence – Chain Mail and other jewelry

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Mob you on Thursday!

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