Sunday, February 3, 2013


Please remember that I greatly admire all the authors that I review. This is a critique of a specific novel, not a review of their whole life’s efforts. It takes a lot of gumption to get published.

The Cold Cold Ground by Adrain McKinty Four Worms
1980s Irish Civil War is the setting of a unique detective tale. The imperfect protagonist is complicated, poetic, and literate. Of course, the main characters are beautiful, but that was the only weakness. There is even a glossary for those unfamiliar with slang. I knew a lot of illegal Irish who resided in the Twin Cities area during the Troubles. They returned home after amnesty was offered. This book rings true to the stories they told me.

An Autumn War and The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham Three Worms
Pondering epic related to conflict. Good psychological examination of characters but could of delved deeper into their psyche. Did not explain poses adequately. Epilogue was a bit bizarre and totally ignored the leading character of the first book.

Nine Lives by Dan Baum Three Worms
Compelling examination of nine real residents of New Orleans before and after Katrina blew apart their city. Interesting juxtaposition of their different socio-economic status’ and opinions. The focus jumped back and forth between profiles so it was excessively difficult to remember what had happened to each person. I wish them all well.

The Lady of Secrets by Susan Carroll Two Worms
Sappy romance novel. Only one surprising twist, otherwise painfully mundane.

My Last Empress by Da Chen Two Worms
Author spoiled the ending by giving away too much in the first chapter. Creepy main character did not add to the book.

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