Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Shocked and appalled by the tragic bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Too many innocent people died and were wounded physically and emotionally (one is too many). I began to sob when I heard the news. Only a poltroon, or curs if more than one person was involved, would place an explosive device at a public event. What lily-livered, faint-hearted, sniveling bastard(s)!

It takes real courage to be non-violent. You have to be strong to not bully, intimidate or harm others when you are hurt or angry. Pain is horrible but inflicting pain upon others only exacerbates the problem. How are we to evolve as a species if we keep resorting to violence? As I have stated before, any type of negative behavior only proves that the perpetrator has a weak personality. They aren’t able to resolve their dispute in with a dialogue but chose to assault their victim(s) with words, fists, bombs, bullets or other types of harm (physical, emotional, etc). Fools. They only prove how dim-witted they are when they damage others.

I will reiterate that everyone is capable of violence. I choose not to be mean and nasty. I stay away from negative people because they make me more prone to cynicism. It is difficult to remain sanguine or at least neutral. Some days it requires all my strength not to slide into the pit of disparagement. I refuse to let other humans or life’s situation to pull me into the dark. I choose to walk in the light. I’m no Pollyanna, I don’t ignore that the negative is there and that life can stink at times. I just make the choice every single day to be positive and help others.

Volunteer, donate to nonprofits, teach the children in your life to care about others, and befriend your neighbors. Overcome your fear and get to know people who you may be wary of as you become more inclusive to diversity. We are all human; we are all kin. Build a positive world; it’s our only hope.

Peace To All.
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