Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Be a champion for truth and reconciliation. Talk to your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone who will listen. Explain to them that establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA (TRC USA) will benefit everyone. Truth and Reconciliation is an arduous process. It will expose painful memories and the results of genocide. We want to open the painful wound, clean it with TRUTH, and begin healing it with RECONCILIATION. The scar will remain but future generations of Native American Indians will not have to bear the burden of suppressed sorrow. We have a responsibility to make the world a better place for them.

Contact elders, tribal, community and faith leaders, and elected/appointed officials. Send faxes to the President of the United States, and Members of the United States Congress (best way to contact them). Visit or write your Governor, State Representative and State Senator. Ask your City Council and Mayor to support the TRC USA. Contact social justice activists. You are the grassroots. You are the agent of change. Your voice matters! Follow your heart and help the children. Too many members of the Native American community suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to direct or generational harm caused in part by the Indian Residential Boarding School (IRBS) system. This horrific legacy will continue unless we take responsibility to alter its path. We welcome non-Native people who wish to help our cause.

Please submit this RESOLUTION when attending your local Political Convention:
WHEREAS a Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the United States of America will be established, and;
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Commission will contribute to truth, healing, and reconciliation between Native American Indian Nations and the United States of America, and;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: the Commission will be established before the start of fiscal year 2016 and begin public proceedings no later than 2018.

We can’t be intimidated by the prospect of upsetting the proverbial “boat.” The boat is rotting and we have to save our children and future generations from drowning, we have already lost too many. Politics exist whenever two or more people are involved. Add in generational trauma, intense emotions with pain/fear and the political process can seem overwhelming. The journey of a nation-wide Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA will be fraught with politics. We have to keep our eyes upon the goal of acknowledging the injustices and harms experienced by Native American people and the need for continued healing for a brighter future.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA will be established to contribute to truth, healing and reconciliation between Native American Indian Nations and the United States of America.

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Peace to all.
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