Thursday, April 18, 2013


Celebrate the tenth Cash Mob St Paul MN (CMSPM)! Help support a local business by spending at least $20 cash at this event (okay to spend less). Please officially join the event via our Facebook page.

CMSPM Event #10
Please join us:
Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2013
Time: 11:30am (okay to arrive late or visit shop on a different day)
Your Turn Vintage
365 E 7TH Street
St. Paul 55101
Phone: 651.321.8738
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 11AM to 6PM & Sunday 12PM to 6PM
Directions: Located on the edge of Downtown Saint Paul and East Saint Paul, across from the HWY 52/Lafayette Bridge. Your Turn shares the large Warehouse building with Best Of Times and Fantasy Gifts. They have two entrances, one on E 7th Street, and another on E 8th Street. There is plenty of free parking available around the building.

The cash mob rules are simple:
1. Spend $20 cash (more or less but cash does speed up the check out process),
2. Chat with three people that you don’t know but please bring along a friend or two, and
3. Enjoy yourself! We want this to be a fun experience for everyone.

On the CMSPM Facebook (FB) page:
* Please RSVP with “Join” if you can make it; invite your FB Friends; and SHARE THIS INVITATION WITH OTHERS via FB by posting on your personal page. Help spread the word to non-FB folks (see next paragraph for details).
* If you can’t attend, you can temporarily indicate a “Maybe” to invite your FB friends and then decline at a later date.
* Please decline before the event if you have to cancel. It’s rude to be a no-show.
* “Like” our FB community page at “Cash Mob St Paul MN” to receive notification of future events and invite your FB Friends to join us, too!!/pages/Cash-Mob-St-Paul-MN/297499490345966

We welcome other methods of advertising our efforts, if you would like to co-host or publicize this event in another way, such as MeetUp or another FB group. Please send a message via our FB page and keep us informed as to the numbers of people attending. The more the merrier!

We permit business owners to nominate their own shop. If we banned proprietors, they would just ask someone else to nominate their store. If the weather is inclimate, just visit the store on another date. We will not reschedule.

Optional: Wear something green to the occasion to indicate that you are a member of the Cash Mob…just an idea, not a requirement.

Thank you ever so much!

PS If you can’t join us for this happening, please patronize the business another time and let them know that you heard about their entrepreneurial efforts from Cash Mob St Paul MN.

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