Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Ok, enough about family trauma and drama. I need to focus on an Attitude of Gratitude with a few caveats. It is terribly difficult to look for the positive when so much negative is weighing me down.
Health is good. Caveat: I need to lose some weight.
Home is fine. 100+ house requires a few repairs, though, and a new washing machine.
Love having a garden. It is terrific to share produce. Sad about the arrival of fall.
Cats are wonderful beasts. A purr a day!
Friends are supportive.
Faith community is comforting.
Volunteering to help others draws me out of my self pity-party.
Reading is a wonderful distraction, thank you Public Library!!
Work is okay, desperately seeking a better paying job.
Blogging is therapeutic, thanks for reading!

Positive Rules.
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