Saturday, September 3, 2011


Steaming mouthfuls of dough topped with sweet sugar and cinnamon describe Tom Thumb Mini Donuts. Dissolving in your mouth as each donut slightly scorches your fingertips. Yummy but expensive. I miss the sugary quarters you would get in return when the price was not rounded off to the dollar. Great way to start the day at the Minnesota State Fair.

Returned to volunteer on Thursday, September 1st. The thermometer rose and it became horribly hot. Sad that the animal barns have better ventilation than the exhibit buildings. People peeled off their clothing to expose flesh that ought to have remain covered in public. Not much breeze so I walked through a few buildings, and retreated to the coolest place on the grounds to cool off, Blue Flame Gas Association site. Decided to go home because it was over 95 degrees (heat index of 102) and I was miserable. Smells range from sweet flowers, sweaty people, suntan lotion, hairspray, perfume, heavy grease, and sour beer.

Avoiding eye contact and walking down the center of the aisle is the best way to avoid purchasing items at the fair. Don’t fall for their “state fair only deal” because you can probably locate the same or similar product elsewhere for cheaper and with a warranty. Its difficult to track down a traveling salesperson to replace what should not have broke.

Friday, September 2nd was much better. Final day for volunteering and the temperature was tolerable. Jack Brass Band played traditional funky New Orleans jazz and then steady humorous Country music from Junior Brown. The grounds were getting crowded. I hate loud cell phone talkers. Just move away and stop disrupting the performance! People like to sit at the end of benches to make a quick get away if the music doesn’t suit them.

Great artwork displayed at the Fine Arts Building and the Arts-n-Crafts Building. Watched the 4-H Arts-In Show, Impressively energetic after nine days of performing. Fun to see people walking around with splendidly absurd hats: pickle, crushed cigarette, pig ears, pheasant, fish, etc. Silly is good.

Salty crispy exterior yields to ooey gooey cheesy center. Hot cheese curds are a treat as long as they aren’t too greasy and the cheese is fresh. Mouth Trap Curds are yummy but there are several competitors throughout the fairgrounds. I wish that I could afford to try them all and had the capacity to eat more than five curds in one setting. Too much grease isn’t good for the gastro-intestinal tract these days.

Malty melty chocolate chip cookies are still warm from Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar oven. Accompany the cookies with cold milk from the All You Can Drink Milk Stand and the gastronomic experience is complete. Bring a bag to hold the leftovers. So much sweetness in one cone, time to go home. Shove a stick in me, I’m done.

See ya at the fair next year.
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