Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Gorgeous weather permitted a proliferation of ingenuity displayed on lawns. The League of Longfellow Artists (LoLa) coordinated an art crawl and I attended on Saturday, August 27th. Too bad it coincided with the Minnesota State Fair, many people probably procured food on a stick instead of traversing the art crawl. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow would be proud of his namesake neighborhood, which encompasses Minnehaha Falls (Minneapolis, MN) featured in his lovely poem The Song of Hiawatha.

The bright neon yellow LoLa location signs are terrific but the artists should display them perpendicular to the street, it makes it easier to see when driving. It would be great if a detailed pre-printed map were available since the yellow program map was not to scale. I tried to download the Google map from the website but it would not work. I don’t have a GPS system in my auto and am unfamiliar with the neighborhood. I unwittingly passed by several exhibits because I didn’t notice the sign. One artist placed his sign in the alley because his studio is located in the garage. I hesitated entering through the fence from his front yard but I was hopeful to locate his display. The artists at stop #29 on Isabel Avenue positioned extra direction-arrow signs from a thoroughfare and it made it easier to locate their showcase home. I wish that all the artists would follow their example.

It would advisable for the artists to make certain that there is an open pathway to their artwork and prices are clearly visible. I had to fight my way past an overgrown patch of plants and low hanging branches to find one artist in the back yard. She was much more interested in entertaining her family and friends than speaking with patrons. Some artists were very hospitable and offered refreshments and snacks. Nicole Fierce wins high marks for being the most gracious host and she makes really cool artwork, too. Glaciers Café offered a yummy custard sample, but park for free on Minnehaha Avenue.

Please contact these talented folks and let them know you read about them on this blog. No specific order after the first listing. Alas, I only had time to visit about a third of the locations All artists should offer readable business cards…

Best In Show:
Bedazzled by Katherine Clayton’s originality. She makes cement basins, printed floorcloth rugs, paintings, clothing, and grows plants. Moon over Minnehaha Falls is breathtaking and the kelpies are stunning. She is a beekeeper (yeah) and has a beautiful yard.

Honorable Mentions:
* Steampunk fans will enjoy the reworking of GI Joe, Barbie, and Ken dolls by Michael L. Treat. Excellent imagination and miniaturization skills.
* Watch where you are walking or at least see beauty revealed in manhole covers. Mark Barsness has a special skill in replicating all types of pavement in paint. Perfect for the Public Works person in your life.
* Nicole Fierce creates fantastic glasswork, earrings and photographs. She had an impressive display of paperweights at
* Moody ominous storm cloud paintings don’t match the sunny personality of Jamie Lauler Solberg. she should become a trained Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service!
* Mary Rose Van Popperin would be my favorite auntie. She paints lovely landscape watercolors. Charmed by her quirky folk pet portraits, which would be a great gift since she meets the animal to paint its soul. 612-670-0661
* Margaret Pezalla buildings funky three-dimensional architectural imaginations and paints meteorite studies. Her hubby, Timothy Granlund, is a skilled wood artisan and cabinet maker.
* Wallace and Anita White are talented siblings. They each have their own style. Wallace has a childlike naiveté as a folk artist, very evocative work. Anita works in myriad mediums to create flower and nature images.

Sorry for the delayed report, I was belayed by the Minnesota State Fair and the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. The Powderhorn Art Fair was reviewed on August 25th. The Minnesota Artists website has a comprehensive listing of art related events at but it is difficult to locate art crawls and art fairs.

Love to crawl.

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