Friday, September 9, 2011


Divided we fall. Encouraging religious freedom starts in every person’s heart and mind. You don’t have to agree with other belief systems but never denigrate them. Explore other religions, read their literature and attend services. I’ve found that the basic tenants of each faith are nearly identical; it’s just how and when they are invoked. The best method is to venture beyond tolerating other religions and celebrate the diversity of all faiths, agnostics, and atheists. Practice inclusiveness. They all have a right to exist. Intolerance is taught and violence is perpetuated by the weak. It takes real strength to live a life of peaceful coexistence. No religious system is superior, period, end of discussion.

Religious extremists are born out of ignorance, lack of hope, fear and anger. One method to reduce their power is to raise the standard of living worldwide. Adequate food, water, shelter and safety are essential. Access to education is imperative, especially for the females. Elevating the status of women will improve the health and wealth of the community. Extremists will always exist but their attraction will be lowered when day-to-day survival isn’t in peril. Don’t permit extremists to control your faith. Don’t let them weaken your community with violence.

Coalition building is key to promoting global stability. America can never again unilaterally decide that it “knows best” and march ahead with sanctions or military efforts. We must work with other countries and coalitions to promote stability. The United States must become a bright beacon for democracy again. The United Nations needs to be strengthened and redesigned to be more efficient and effective. War is the failure of politicians and diplomats. The world can’t afford it anymore.

United We Stand, Aloha We Serve.
Volunteer or
Donate to nonprofits 501(c)3s which offer programs to better the world.
Vote for politicians who will uphold democracy in a positive manner.

One World, One People.

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